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    CHANGEMAKER: Todd Lindsley & Susan Broomell, Lindsley Development Consulting

    Q: What kind of impact has Lindsley Development had on organizations?

    A: Lindsley Development Consulting has been directly involved in more than 250 capital campaigns—many in Lancaster and in PA. With our client partners all over the country, we have raised more than $1 billion dollars for everything from colleges, hospitals, theaters, museums, retirement communities, private schools, YMCAs, social service agencies, historic properties, community centers, land conservancies, affordable housing, orphan efforts, and so many other great causes!


    Q: What is rewarding about successful campaigns?

    A: It’s fun! There is great joy in successful campaigns. The goal of fundraising is to enrich lives, change lives, and save lives. Almost every day we see what volunteer hours and dollars can do to help people. Part of our job as consultants is to connect the donors who care about enriching, changing, and saving lives with the organizations who do it well and consistently. We love it when a person with a generous heart and a specific idea for making the world a better place meets the nonprofit that has a plan and a determination to make those things happen. That is fundraising gold.



    Learn more about Lindsley Development Consulting by reaching out to