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    Fresh Face: Hempfield Botanicals

    Heather Kreider believes hemp could change the world.


    When it’s processed, every part of the plant can be used for super-strong fiber, CBD oil, and high-protein food for humans and animals. CBD is just one of the many molecules found in the hemp plant, and although the research is still developing since last year’s farm bill allowed farmers to grow hemp again, CBD is proving to be beneficial for health and pain management.


    As a former RN, Heather was disillusioned with “big pharma” and the push for pills; now she and her husband Nathan are invigorated by improving peoples’ quality of life through Hempfield Botanicals which spun off from their other business, Makes Scents Natural Spa Line, on North Charlotte Street. Hempfield Botanicals is poised to move to a new eco-friendly building planned for a brownspace on Hazel Street.


    The heart of Hempfield Botanicals, now a certified B-Corp, is the team who formulates, packages, ships, and markets the CBD wellness products. “We have a daily huddle with our team to plan priorities for the day and give a shout-out to somebody who went above and beyond,” says Nathan. “We involve our team in everything: they see the bigger picture.”

    For Hempfield Botanicals, the big picture is making a positive impact on the local community through jobs and empowering new growers, while selling certified cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally-responsible CBD products. Currently, they source CBD from Kentucky and Colorado, but are hoping within 5 years to buy it entirely from Pennsylvania farmers once the supply is available.


    Hempfield Botanicals has done its research and is passionate about the future of hemp. “We want to do our absolute best to make our community better in many different ways,” says Heather.


    Visit to learn more.