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    Fresh Face: Functional Freedom

    Justin & Kourtney Randsdorp met at one of the least likely places you might imagine a romance to bloom: a nursing home.

     The young occupational therapists shared a dedication to providing compassionate care for their patients, and eventually fell in love, got married, moved to Lancaster, and had a baby. In the meantime, the Randsdorps also went into business together.


    “We saw pelvic floor dysfunction with patients of all ages, with symptoms including urinary leakage or complete incontinence, bed wetting, pelvic pain, or sexual dysfunction,” says Kourtney. “We had a vision to provide treatment for these symptoms via pelvic floor therapy with a compassionate business model that rehabs patients discretely in their natural environment: in their home.”


    After completing intensive training in biofeedback for pelvic muscle disorders, the Randsdorps took their mobile business plan on the road.

    “By treating our patients in their homes we not only keep our treatment of this sensitive issue completely confidential, but we also have the unique opportunity to see firsthand the ways our patients live their lives and how those demands can be contributing to their issues,” says Justin.

    On a small scale, the Randsdorps are helping a patient retrain pelvic floor muscles and incorporate behavioral or environmental modifications to reduce symptoms, but on a larger scale they are completely changing a person’s quality of life. From the senior patient who is no longer getting up four times a night, to the new mom who can attend group exercise again without embarrassment, to the middle-aged man who can now enjoy a healthy physical relationship with his wife, “functional freedom” means something different to each person.


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