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    Fresh Face: Blossom Med Spa

    Alyssa Licatese loves the detective nature of her medical spa work: figuring out the best solutions for “tough cases,” really trying to pinpoint the underlying issues that are creating visible skin concerns for her clients.


    Her goal is to target both inner and outer beauty because they go hand in hand. She herself needed her detective skills when she fell ill over a year ago with drastic symptoms that changed her life entirely. Alyssa’s eventual diagnosis of a debilitating chronic illness took her to traditional medicine, but the strong pharmaceuticals had severe side effects and complications. She turned to naturopathic treatment for relief and symptom control. Her life-changing experience shifted her focus at Blossom Med Spa to provide both medical and naturopathic approaches to wellness. “I am beyond thankful for a wonderful team who has helped hold Blossom down during this time.” She has seen the need for clients struggling with inflammation and illness to have more options.

    "It’s the best thing to know you’ve changed somebody’s life, to see the treatment give them more confidence.” - Alyssa Licatese

    Her new location opening in Downtown Lancaster at 101NQ will offer multifaceted approaches for skin concerns, inflammation, mental well-being, and various other wellness options that she is looking forward to announcing. Additionally, there will be a Himalayan salt booth with an infrared option. Alyssa’s team is also the first in the area to learn Corneotherapy, a custom holistic skincare approach that focuses on repair and rebuilding the skin.


    Alyssa is passionate about making Blossom’s new menu available to everyone, concentrating on services for walk-in traffic and making sure that everyone who enters through the doors feels comfortable and welcomed like family. “Our clients are not numbers to us,” says Alyssa. “I love seeing them through their journeys. It’s the best thing to know you’ve changed somebody’s life, to see the treatment give them more confidence.”


    Alyssa appreciates the cool vibe of her new Downtown location. She likes seeing the growth in Lancaster and the energy it creates. Blossom Med Spa is right there in the middle of it all, and couldn’t be more excited to provide their clients with a new sense of wellbeing.