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    5 Reasons Prima’s Jekyll & Hyde is a Must-See

    With theatre season in full swing, Lancaster residents are never at a shortage of musicals and productions to enjoy. One of the most exciting theatrical options this City has to offer is Prima Theatre. With an immersive environment and a jaw-dropping cast, there’s an unmissable show happening this month!



    Jekyll & Hyde is the electrifying story of Dr. Jekyll’s attempt to solve humanity’s most challenging dilemmas. In the midst of his quest, Dr. Jekyll begins to spiral out of control and into his alter ego—Mr. Hyde. Although there are endless reasons to check out this show, we’ve highlighted the top 5 reasons to experience it at Prima.


    1. You’ve never seen it like this before.
    Prima Theatre was given the incredible honor to produce an exclusive adaptation of this musical thriller. That means a 90-minute pulse-pounding adaption of this Broadway phenomenon, only in Lancaster. All the core elements of the production are there that make it so iconic but with some unique, fresh twists.

    Henry Jekyll (Randy Jeter) and Emma Carew (Madison Paige Buck)

    2. The talent will leave your jaw dropped.
    The Prima cast is insanely talented with some of the theatre’s greatest vocalists to date. Jekyll & Hyde features Randy Jeter (Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde), Molly Grace B. (Lucy Harris), and Madison Paige Buck (Emma Carew), alongside nine other fantastic performers from Lancaster and across the East Coast. It’s even directed by the adaption writer, Elizabeth Lucas, co-founder of the New York Music Theatre Festival.


    3. It’s the best way to celebrate the season.
    Who says adults can’t enjoy this spooky season too? This electrifying pop-rock musical is the perfect night out for you and your partner, especially during the season devoted to wicked fun. With shows every Friday and Saturday in October, you’re bound to find a time to enjoy a little night on the town.


    4. It’s a brand new experience.

    It’s fresh! Prima is Lancaster’s newest theatre with free parking, state-of-the-art lighting and audio, comfortable seating… and oh, did we mention there’s an on-site bar? A visit to Prima will truly be an unforgettable experience.

    Henry Jekyll (Randy Jeter)

    5. You deserve a break.
    Life’s too short to fall into the same bland routine every day. Spice up your week with a visit to Prima and discover all the excitement the theatre has to offer. Providing a fresh experience to thousands of other visitors, Prima truly knows how to put on a show that will leave you feeling vibrant and alive.


    So, what are you waiting for? Tickets are selling out quickly. Join us by reserving your Jekyll & Hyde seats now.