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    Inspire Series: Laura Sisay, Green Circle Organics

    Laura Sisay has always had an affinity for the natural world. Growing up in a small town, she roamed outside and helped pick and preserve black raspberries and vegetables from the patch in the backyard.


    Since she was a teenager, she had “a strong environmental view of the world and wanted to do a small part to contribute to health and sustainability.” Laura worked on a biodynamic farm just out of college and fell in love with organic practices as healthier for the earth and more welcoming to small-scale farms and living wages.


    In 2003, she seized the chance to open an organic produce stand at Central Market. Back then, customers were confused by multicolored tomatoes and terms like GMO; but Laura enjoyed her customers and teaching them about organics.


    Steadfast and kind, Laura still has customers and growers from 2003. Laura pieces together her schedule around three market days and deliveries to offices and individual customers; as a sole proprietor, Laura tries hard to balance her business with her family’s needs and her creative outlets. Find Laura at her Central Market stand, Green Circle Organics, on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, doing her part for the earth.