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    Giving Back: Beth Weaver

    If there are people in this world who were born to make a difference, Beth Weaver is undoubtedly one of them. “I’ve always been ‘the helper’,” she says. “But I try to do it quietly. I don’t need acknowledgment…that’s not why I do what I do.”


    Like most heroes, Beth’s crusade began small one on one, to be exact as a massage therapist and bodyworker. At the time she had teamed up with Evolution, a Baptiste style yoga studio located downtown when she stumbled upon a fundraiser for the BenchMark program (a local charity that teaches weightlifting to at-risk youth). That’s where she had an epiphany on how to extend the reach of her healing to the local community.


    “I was like, OK; I wanna teach yoga to these kids,” she remembers with resolute clarity.


    With the support and partnership of Evolution’s founders, Beth’s calling began to materialize as a nonprofit organization called A.I.M. to Empower, where she served as Executive Director.

    Beth practicing breathwork and meditation with the women in the Lancaster County Prison.

    Most notably, the foundation maintains security clearances to teach weekly meditation-infused yoga classes to women at the Lancaster County Prison. Beth receives countless testimonials from inmates who’ve successfully avoided potential conflicts or panic attacks using methods or philosophies she’d taught them in class.


    While still dedicated to teaching at the prison, a restructuring of the board has led Beth towards new pursuits. As for what’s next for this lightworker? She hopes her path will guide her towards something that will allow her to connect with people exactly where they are.


    “Whether it’s in the nonprofit world, the corporate world, or the body working world, I hope to be doing work that has a truly lasting effect,” she says, glowing with optimism.