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    Local Visionary – Dr. John Gerdy

    Introducing you to the people and places that make Lancaster special is our mission. In the spring edition of Fig, you met some of our friends who are forging new paths and are selflessly committed to our community. Now, more than ever, we want to show our appreciation.⁠


    Dr. John Gerdy – Founder & Executive Director of Music For Everyone



    “Writing and illustrating Alphabone Orchestra reaffirmed my belief in the tremendous power of synergies generated by creative art forms. The combination of the vibrant colors of the artwork and the alliterative prose, coupled with the music themed story, all wrapped in a compelling, kaleidoscopic book design resulted in a product of which the whole is significantly greater than the sum of its parts. That’s synergy.”


    “It’s similar to the synergies that Lancaster’s strategic investment in the arts has generated in transforming a struggling post-industrial city into a thriving, vibrant, hip and attractive place to visit or live. When music, visual arts, theater, design, mural art, culinary arts and public art come together, their collective impact is transformational.”


    "But if we expect artists to continue their creative community impact, we must be willing to support them financially. If we expect to develop and nurture the artists of the future, we must invest in school based arts programs. And we must double down on programs that allow all citizens to reap the community building, individual therapeutic and public health benefits the arts offer."

    So as we look to 2020 and beyond, let’s continue to leverage the synergistic qualities of the arts as such investment is vital to maintaining our vibrant economy and community.


    Passion Project:

    Anything that engages kids in the arts.