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    Local Visionary – Marshall Snively

    Introducing you to the people and places that make Lancaster special is our mission. In the spring edition of Fig, you met some of our friends who are forging new paths and are selflessly committed to our community. Now, more than ever, we want to show our appreciation.⁠


    Marshall Snively – President, Lancaster City Alliance



    “I have a genuine love of Lancaster; I live, work, and play here. I get to view Clipper Magazine Stadium fireworks from my roof deck. I love going to Central Market on Tuesday and Friday to pick up fresh ingredients for dinner. I also enjoy the walkability of the city: walking nearly anywhere I need to go, saying hello to friends on the street, and admiring the City’s unique architecture.”


    "My life’s work revolves around strengthening urban communities, and it is a pleasure to play a role in that growth as president of Lancaster City Alliance. Our neighborhoods are rich in culture and history, yet continue to evolve in contemporary ways."

    “Lancaster City Alliance and our partners are working to create access to needed goods and services in every neighborhood, to support residents to take ownership of their vibrant communities. We want people to be able to safely walk and interact with their neighbors and live in homes they can afford.”


    “So my hope is the same hope that Lancaster City Alliance has for the future: that “Lancaster City flourishes and everyone shares in its success.” The City’s Block by Block Strategic Plan, our Building on Strength Economic Development Strategic Plan, and the Coalition to Combat Poverty’s One Good Job plan are the roadmap to success. If we continue to collaborate to ensure each plan is aligned, we will accomplish the plans’ goals and demonstrate how to achieve equity and opportunity for all.”


    Passion Project:

    The Building On Strength 15-Year Economic Strategic Plan for the City. Lancaster City Alliance oversees the implementation of the plan, and I am passionate about Lancaster being a model for successful urban economic development.


    Reason for Gratitude:

    I have never seen a community so collaborative as Lancaster. The willingness for people across sectors to work together toward a collective goal is unparalleled.