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    Inspire Series- Angela Myers

    “Women have a unique journey as there are societal expectations that produce feelings of guilt and frustration throughout their lifetime,” Angela said. “I am here to help them find their truth and mission of living out their best life.”


    AS AN EMPOWERMENT COACH, author, speaker, mother, and world-ranked track and field athlete, Angela Myers leads by example as she is driven to help others find their inner truth and live it! From a young age, Angela was motivated to help people. With a degree in social work, she started her career in the foster care system, working her way up to Supervisor of a group home for pregnant teens. She quickly realized that this profession was not the right fit, as she would rather be ‘invited into someone’s journey’ instead of placed or forced into it. After taking a break in her career to start a family, Angela entered into the fitness industry, originally as a way to get herself back in shape after multiple pregnancies. As her fitness increased, she found the world of Masters Track and Field, and began competing as a sprinter, eventually winning National and World Titles (most recently bronze in the 100m and 200m events at 2019 Masters World Regional Championship)


    As she found fitness for herself, her drive to help others kicked in and she began coaching and training people towards their fitness goals. This blossomed into a successful fitness business called emPOWER Training Systems. She impacted hundreds of clients, teaching them about nutrition, fitness, and accountability. But during 10 years of empowering clients to reach their fitness goals, Angela discovered there is more to an individual than just external layers of nutrition and fitness


    “I started to uncover that there are many layers to an individual,” Angela said. “If someone has a deeper lying, unaddressed issue such as lack of self-acceptance, eventually the weight will be put back on even with the best fitness and nutrition program.”


    As she explored and studied the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, Angela repositioned herself in her career path and began her practice as an empowerment coach, speaker, and author of “Living Younger”. She is able to help others uncover their own truth, step into their personal power, and enjoy happier and healthier lives.


    Learn more about Angela’s journey and business at