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    BSSF Local Brew Tour: Funk Brewing Co.

    EVERYTHING AWESOME starts in a garage. Apple Computers, Nirvana and Funk Brewing. Jon Norman, known to his friends and customers as simply Norm, and his brother in law Kyle Funk began their obsession with creating delicious beer in a turkey fryer in Norm’s Elizabethtown-based garage seven years ago. It turns out that Kyle’s mechanical engineering skills were quite handy in developing delicious brews, and the duo started making delicious beer rather consistently.


    With Norm’s business background, he set out to see if their dream of opening a brewery could work. The two were able to open the first Funk Brewing Company location in 2014, based on the simple plan to provide delicious beer and excellent service. “It turns out people really like great service and delicious beer,” says Norm. They opened the second Funk Brewing Co. location in Elizabethtown a year later, and the eclectic brewpub draws a loyal following of locals and beer snobs. Norm’s background in business helps run the brewery, but they have also turned to BSSF for accounting services, managing receivables, finance management and marketing strategy. Funk Brewing Co. in Elizabethtown has a full menu designed to pair well with each of the beers on the menu, including standard brewpub favorites like wings but also a popular roasted brussels sprouts dish. The spacious Elizabethtown location is available as a banquet space to the public, and can seat up to 60 people with a full catering menu if needed.


    The regulars have an ongoing feud between Funk Brewing Co’s two IPAs. “You’re either on Team Citrus or Team Silent Disco,” says Norm. “And the battle can get pretty heated.” The brewery even had T-shirts created to stoke the IPA rivalry. Stop in to see which IPA team you’ll be cheering for.


    Follow their social media for updates on take out for beer and food:



    This feature is sponsored by BSSF. Committed to their profession and to their community, BSSF is proud to support Lancaster County breweries, small and large, who are shaping the impact that the craft beverage industry has on the future of this county. BSSF is your premier advisory firm for accounting, assurance, tax, and consulting services. BSSF.COM