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    Eliance Health Solutions: Modernizing Lancaster Business Health Coverage

    You wouldn’t willingly choose a family doctor that’s impossible to get ahold of and you surely wouldn’t trek to your physician’s office if it required a plane ride to get there. Why should finding the right health plan for your business be just as inconvenient?


    Eliance Health Solutions, a self-funded health plan backed by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, has been working with the Lancaster business community since 2016 and is regularly finding new and innovative ways to help Lancaster employers and employees save money through uniquely tailored medical plans. Eliance makes it easy and affordable for Lancastrians to have consistent medical coverage with reliable local independent practices and the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health network. Their health plan offering was developed specifically for Lancaster businesses with the goal of reducing health plan costs for employers and improving the health of employees.


    With a tiered network approach, Eliance’s plan combines a network of local selected high quality providers in Lancaster County with Cigna’s national network to ensure medical coverage for members wherever they go. As an added bonus of choosing Eliance’s plan, employers receive discounted rates when their employees receive care at a Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health facility. Additionally, a membership with Eliance grants members’ access to the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Wellness program­ which includes services with nutritionists and wellness coordinators and allows members to reduce their plan deductible when successfully following the Wellness program. In February of this year, Eliance included Penn Medicine OnDemand, a telemedicine option for its members; good timing considering that the pandemic hit soon after.



    Michael McCuen, Manager of Broker Relations at Eliance, has been hard at work building bridges with Lancaster business leaders. “At Eliance, we work with real people. We listen to our members, listen to our brokers, listen to our clients, and listen to the Lancaster community. We want to always be in the know of how we can include more services that help people who have specific medical needs. More importantly, we think through what we can continue to provide and improve upon for our clients.” McCuen went on to emphasize the importance of being centered in Lancaster. “We live and work in Lancaster. This is our home and we want our friends and neighbors to know that we’re right around the corner and a quick phone call away if they have any questions.”

    For an overview of Eliance’s network and services for Lancaster employers, visit or call 717-869-3877.