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    Inspire Series: Jannat Beauty Design

    Jannat Veras’s unrelenting journey is a heartening tale categorized mostly by one virtue: perseverance. It all began when she was only seventeen years old. After completing most of her high school career in the Dominican Republic, Jannat’s mother made a tough decision to move her entire family to New York City. Between the additional 4 years of highschool she was forced to complete and the seemingly endless discrimination she endured, life only seemed to grow increasingly more difficult.


    Luckily, even under these spirit-breaking circumstances, Jannat was able to carry on with unyielding faith and positivity. She persisted onward, applying to Empire Beauty School, finally she found where she was meant to be. “The moment I walked in,” she remembers,
    “I was home.”


    Upon graduation, Jannat’s career blossomed. She spent the following years building clientele in salons all over Lancaster before taking the plunge into opening up her own, “Jannat Beauty Designs” on Orange and Charlotte. There, Jannat manifested her most complete dream: being a teacher and mentor to younger stylists (many of which now have their own successful salons), cultivating profound life-long relationships with clients, and giving back to the Lancaster Community. She even participated on multiple nonprofit boards committed to creating opportunities for women–especially of color–and mothers.


    This is a cause Jannat holds close to her heart. With three children of her own, she knows just how difficult it is to strike a work-life balance as a business owner. Indeed, raising her own family has been  her greatest priority. That’s precisely why, after 13 successful years on Orange Street with the support and encouragement of her husband Francisco, she transitioned her bustling multi-chair operation to a cozy appointment-only salon attached to her home. 9 years later, she is still seamlessly splitting her time between clients and being a mom. “It’s been wonderful,” Jannat says, with a wide smile.


    For a salon experience where you’re treated like family, schedule an appointment at