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    Fresh Face: Tonnino Winery

    When something is ‘from  the source,’ it’s often considered to be of the highest quality. In the world of Italian wines, this statement couldn’t be any truer. Tonnino Azienda Vitivinicola, or the Tonnino Winery, is a small Italian wine producer based in Alcamo, Sicily. In late 2018, Tonnino’s international operations struck on a unique opportunity that has since established Lancaster City as the home for its exclusive storefront location in the U.S.


    After visiting Lancaster on business, Antonio Tonnino made the decision to establish the Red Rose City as the spot for Tonnino’s U.S. storefront. It was from these visits that the uniqueness of Lancaster shined through. “I have always been curious about new realities and different cultures…I was immediately struck by the town of Lancaster,” Tonnino said.


    In early 2020, Tonnino Winery opened its storefront on 945 North Plum Street in Lancaster City. When asked on his thoughts of Tonnino’s decision to open a U.S. storefront, Tonnino’s U.S. brand ambassador, Alessandro Sgro said, “We were ecstatic that Tonnino had made the investment in a U.S. storefront and what better place than Lancaster.” Even before the opening of its storefront, Tonnino had been a staple choice in a number of local eateries including Gibraltar, John J. Jeffries, and The Exchange, and many others.


    With multiple lines of wine, they have something for every occasion. What really sets Tonnino apart is a line of three USDA certified organic wines; something very difficult to obtain by Italian wineries. As a winery that takes considerable effort in producing top quality wines, Tonnino is committed to practicing sustainable and ethical production processes.


    Open online, in-store, and for pickup, Tonnino Winery is your direct source for high quality, authentic Italian wines. Visit or call 717.393.9666.