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    Fresh Face: Risolve Studio

    Husband and wife duo Lyndsey and Sebastian Burke dreamt up Risolve Studio as an answer to this inquiry: “How can we combine our passions to build something totally unique? How can we do it together?”


    The groundwork for Risolve wasn’t difficult to lay out once they made the decision to pursue the answers to these questions; Lyndsey was already a gifted and experienced designer, and Sebastian happened to be harboring hidden talents in photography and illustration beneath a career as a merchant marine in the South Pacific. Opening up a print and design studio seemed like an all but obvious move. Less so, however, was the idea of featuring the use of a Risograph–an environmentally friendly, low-cost contraption rarely utilized in the printmaking industry (at least, not in the context of printing fine art).


    “If you’re not a print person, the colors [produced by Risograph] stand out, even if you’re not consciously sure why,” explains Sebastian. And it’s true: the walls of Risolve Studio on Vine Street are plastered with extraordinary art, brandishing stunning and unexpected palettes. Though an untrained mind might not understand, its eyes can easily comprehend its value without further explanation.


    But Risolve Studio doesn’t just cater to niche artists and local students–the versatility of the Risograph allows opportunity for small businesses to produce eye-catching brochures, menus, and other print collateral quickly and economically. Additionally, Lyndsey and Sebastian both hope to engage Lancaster locals with in-person workshops and self-service printing at their space once it’s safe. “We’re really excited about just how vibrant the art community is here,” says Lyndsey. “We’re hoping to have it be more of a community-based space in the future.”


    The Burke’s ultimate dream started as building a business together, but their ambition for growth has inevitably extended into other areas of their lives–as they prepare to welcome a child into the world, they incidentally demonstrate something profound: when it comes to building something together, they’ve only just begun.


    You can learn more about the Risograph and the Burke family at, or follow them on instagram (@risolve) to stay up-to-date on future workshops.