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    Fresh Face: Lancaster Reading Solutions LLC

    The new microSchool launched by Lancaster Reading Solutions is taking a revolutionary approach to education and schooling. With
    an authentically individualized plan for each student, the microSchool is able to empower learners who may have felt like they didn’t “fit” in their former educational surroundings.


    The microSchool provides a safe space for students to explore, create, socialize, learn and grow together with a small group of peers their own age and guided by professionals who encourage and empower them. It serves families who are homeschooling their children by offering varying pathways for families to choose how much or how little support they need. Students can enroll in core classes, enrichment classes or the full curriculum.

    While students are learning, creating and building their social skills, parents and caregivers can take a break or lean into the support systems, educational experiences and resources provided.


    For Rachel Moore and Lauren Maffett, creating Lancaster Reading Solutions and launching the microSchool was their answer to a problem they faced as mothers themselves. When advocating for their own children and learning about the prevalence of dyslexia and attention issues in young learners they each felt the urgency of the importance of early intervention and saw the difficulty in gaining access to the services and individualized resources that they needed. LRS and the microSchool are the innovation born of that journey.


    For Rachel and Lauren, the gift of the microSchool is seeing the metamorphosis of their students. Those who come in shy and insecure and soon rise to leadership roles in their peer groups. Those students who felt like failures in a previous setting but flourish as they achieve and build on learning successes. The microSchool is not a one size fits all approach to schooling, but instead, offers students an individualized pathway to learning that is based in research, proven in the lives of students who finally feel empowered to learn and succeed, and rooted in acceptance and belonging for every learner and their parents as well.


    To find out more information on Lancaster Reading Solutions visit their website at