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    S. Dale High’s gift to the community

    "What if we could create a company that directly benefits the community?" – S. Dale High

    This is the question that led visionary business leader and philanthropist S. Dale High to embark on the journey that sparked an unprecedented announcement that will benefit Lancaster County for generations to come.


    As Dale High began to plan for the next chapter of High Industries, he envisioned a change in the structure of the company—an inspired model that continues the company’s legacy and work in the community. In a bold and unique move—the likes of which are rare in business ownership—Dale High and his family have transferred ownership of High Industries from the family to High Foundation, whose mission is to invest in the community.


    This closer bond between High Industries and High Foundation will transcend Dale High’s life and the family’s philanthropic giving. It will embolden the Foundation for greater collaboration, bringing new ideas to life, and supporting important initiatives for social, economic, and environmental impact.


    This shift is a continuation of The High Philosophy of building trustworthy relationships and being innovative leaders that has been in place for three generations. It is a declaration that business for good is a way of doing business that is sustainable and will reward success by leaving a lasting legacy.



    Learn more about this extraordinary gift to the Lancaster community at



    Bridge to Opportunity

    High Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of people who live and work in Lancaster and other communities where High companies provide economic investment and employment.


    Their objective is to enact positive, systemic change that will last well beyond their lifetimes, supporting and championing projects which enable the dignity, diversity, equality, and inclusion of all people and generate beneficial social and environmental impact.


    The Foundation engages with those sharing a common interest in eliminating poverty and creating a vibrant, thriving city.

    "We are on this earth for a purpose that is larger than our own interests. That purpose is to strive to make the world a better place...beginning in our community." —S. Dale High

    Areas of Impact

    Meet more of High Foundation’s community partners at

    "This is a remarkable gift from Dale to High co-workers and our communities. This new structure multiplies the already generous impact High Foundation has had and emboldens the Foundation for even greater impact." —Robin Stauffer, Executive Director, High Foundation

    About High Industries: From its humble start as a Depression era welding shop in Lancaster City, High Industries has become a major force in building and rebuilding America’s infrastructure. The company has produced steel superstructures for thousands of bridges, including some of the most iconic structures in America such as the Tappan Zee Bridge, officially named the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, in New York. Through the years, High Industries has built a reputation as an industry leader for its development of innovative processes and materials. Today, Lancaster-based High companies employ nearly 2,000 co-workers operating 38 locations in 6 states.