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    Fig asked, “What do you love about Lancaster City?”

    Thank you to everyone who submitted their answers to Fig Lancaster through our social channels. Below are just a few of the people who love Lancaster City!

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    “You can bump into anyone with any background here, and I think that’s truly amazing for being a small city in Central PA.” — Katie


    “There is just such a lovely variety of shops and restaurants, especially in the city.” — Jess


    “What makes Lancaster special is diversity. In people, business, food, drink, housing, and opportunities.” — Mark


    “Lancaster is the first place I’ve felt at home since moving away for college 10+ years ago.” — Charlotte


    “The city has beautiful architecture with a lot of history, and with just a short drive, you are surrounded by farmland and small farm markets.” — Susan


    “We really love the sense of community as well as the busyness of the city! There’s always something going on within the community and something to do.” — Jocelyn


    “As transplant retirees to Lancaster, we were drawn to the city by its diversity in age, cultures, and cuisines.” — Allan


    “I love Lancaster because it’s bustling yet quiet.” — Joel


    “It’s in the middle of everything without being in the middle of everything. It’s clean, yet lively. It’s small, but not boring. It’s diverse and friendly. And it’s full of special people.” — Mario

    "I was hesitant to move to Lancaster six years ago. My boyfriend and I met in college. He is from Lancaster and brought me back over a break. The first place he took me was Lancaster Central Market, and I immediately fell in love with this city. We have friends scattered all over the U.S., and they can’t wait to visit and plan their next adventure here in Lancaster. Now, I feel so fortunate to call Lancaster my home. How lucky are we to live in a city that’s safe, has a close community feel, and convenient to amazing locally owned restaurants, venues, markets, parks…you name it. Lancaster is such a hidden gem!” — Lauren B.

    “I like where I live because it’s quiet and in the middle of farm country, yet only a few minutes to do just about anything.” — Tara


    “Lancaster was a phenomenal place to grow up! I am now raising my own children here. I am so proud of the diversity and progress Lancaster has seen within my lifetime.” — Lauren M.


    “Lancaster is so rich in history, and it’s really neat to walk around and see all the historical architecture, as well as the new buildings.” — Sarah


    “I’ve watched our downtown grow from a no man’s land with a few stores to the booming city life it is now. The transformation has been so surreal.” — Portia


    “The restaurant and coffee scene of Lancaster is a love of ours. When we travel, we are often let down by lack of local community-oriented dining and coffee.” — Lauren P.


    “There is a wonderful vibe of history, creativity, and good cheer.” — Gary


    “I feel lucky to have a “hometown” that is a great mix of urban, rural, and natural land. It feels like we have a little bit of everything here.” — Laura


    “Growing up in the School District of Lancaster, I was surrounded by international students, and it gives you a good perception of the world—rather than growing up with people who look the same as you. Being mixed races, I enjoy the diversity.” — Azlynn