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    Six female artisans who are making bold moves in Lancaster’s retail scene

    Lancaster is home to artists who have built brands that push creative boundaries. Some of them are drawing inspiration from the rich and beautiful heritage of Lancaster County, while others are pushing boundaries and defying the art norms we have seen before. Each approach to art and fashion brings a fresh perspective to locals and visitors alike. By elevating style and celebrating culture, these creators enrich our community with their artistic eye. 


    In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting a handful of women who craft beautiful products and have built brands that are leaving exciting ripple effects across the city and beyond.






    Founder Timbrel Chyatee has big plans for the CHYATEE brand. Offering ethically sourced clothing and home goods, CHYATEE products aim to promote conscious living. From designing and sourcing to stocking and selling, Timbrel and her team have their hands in every step of the process. The word CHYATEE means divine light, fame, and glory. The vibrant pieces available at CHYATEE live up to this reputation, making you look and feel your very best.


    Shop Local with CHYATEE:
    On Instagram: @chyatee
    In Store: 101 North Queen Street



    Keisha Finnie


    Keisha’s work proves that anything can be a canvas, and art can be functional. Using art to amplify voices in Lancaster, Keisha has contributed to several public art murals in the city. You can’t miss her bright and bold artistic style as it adds beauty to our city.  With her hand-painted hats, tech cases, wallets, clothing, and more, Keisha brings her art to life. Keisha’s “Brown Skin Girl” collection spotlights femininity and cultural pride. 


    Shop Local with Keisha Finnie:
    On Instagram:@keishafinnie




    Photo by Jeff Frandsen

    Liz Riden


    If you’re looking for high-quality, carefully crafted, beautiful leather work, look no further. Liz Riden is a Lancaster based artist with an eye for chic designs that will add a touch of glam to any outfit. Each and every piece is made out of American-sourced leather and handcrafted in Lancaster. For the conscious consumer, the busy mom, or the working individual, these stunning pieces will add a dash of luxury to your everyday life. 


    Shop Local with Liz Riden:

    On Instagram: @lizriden

    In Store: Prussian Street Arcade at 49 North Main Street, Manheim



    Lady Lancaster


    Elizabeth Leaman, founder of Lady Lancaster, is breathing new life into secondhand pieces, repurposing worn fabrics into wearable art. Inspired by the art of Amish quilting patterns, Lady Lancaster upcycles vintage pieces, creating wearable art that is fashionable and celebrates the unique history of Lancaster County. Have an heirloom quilt collecting dust in your home? In addition to the classics, Lady Lancaster creates custom jackets that will turn your own piece of history into an everyday staple.  


    Shop Local with Lady Lancaster:
    On Instagram: @lady_lancaster_




    Photo by My Aunt Debbie

    My Aunt Debbie


    Stocked with eclectic designs and endearingly witty products, My Aunt Debbie’s storefront is filled with creativity and heart. Debbie Serdy’s love of all things pop culture and kitsch inspire her designs. If you’re looking for a pair of dangly earrings with William Shakespeare’s face on them, or a broach featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you’ve found the right spot. 


    Shop Local with My Aunt Debbie:
    On Instagram: @myauntdebbie
    In Store: 336 North Queen Street


    Photo by Pineapple House Creations

    Pineapple House Creations


    Sheryl Hazzard, owner of Pineapple House Creations, uses natural ingredients to create all of her products, understanding the importance of knowing what her customers are putting on their bodies. Pineapple House Creations’ lotions, scrubs, and scents are created from organic and natural ingredients, not a chemical in sight. With endless options to choose from, the delicious scents available at Pineapple House Creations will keep you coming back for more. Make sure to stock up on your next trip to Central Market.


    Shop Local with Pineapple House Creations:
    On Instagram: @pineapplehousecreations
    In Store: Lancaster Central Market, 23 North Market Street



    When you add a piece to your wardrobe or closet from one of these local retailers (and the many others in our city!), you’re not only supporting the small businesses that help our community thrive, but you are supporting women-owned businesses and the female artisans who pour their heart and soul into each creation. These unique pieces and products will add personality to your spring wardrobe and cabinet. Happy shopping!