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    Dog Days

    In our first-ever Dog Photo Contest, we asked to see the dogs of Lancaster, and our Fig friends answered! Sponsored by That Pet Place, we hosted the contest on Fig’s social media and received over 100 submissions—which is a lot of cute puppies to choose from.


    About Our Sponsor

    For almost 50 years, family-owned aquarium and pet supply destination, That Fish Place – That Pet Place has been dedicated to providing the ultimate pet experience. They employ an amazing staff ready to help you with the pets you have as well as any you’re looking to add to your family. Find them at 237 Centerville Road!


    About Our Photoshoot

    Our team picked six winning entries for a very special photoshoot at That Pet Place. These pet photos were captured by Molly S. Photography—an expert in capturing the personality of furry friends. Get to know our winners!



    Kira & Brownie


    Age | 6 years
    Breed | Dachshund & Chihuahua mix


    Brownie’s Favorite Toy | Red ball
    Brownie’s Favorite Activity | Eat ice cream and French fries
    Brownie’s Favorite Place | Splits & Giggles

    Kaylin, Ralph, Padfoot (Paddy) & Winston


    Age | 1 year (Paddy) & 4 years (Winston)
    Breed | Bernadoodle (Paddy) & Cavachon (Winston)


    Paddy & Winston’s Favorite Toys | Anything for fetch (Paddy) & Paddy’s giant bones (Winston)
    Paddy & Winston’s Favorite Activity | Snuggle on the couch (Paddy) & go to work with mom or dad (Winston)
    Paddy & Winston’s Favorite Place | Anywhere with outdoor dining in the city (like Shot & Bottle!)

    Matthew, Michael, Lincoln & Ella


    Age | 3 years (Lincoln) & 2 years (Ella)
    Breed | English Setter & Hound (Lincoln) & Chocolate Lab (Ella)


    Lincoln & Ella’s Favorite Toy | Bone marrow bones from Lancaster Central Market
    Lincoln & Ella’s Favorite Activity | Chase chickens at their grandparents farm house
    Lincoln & Ella’s Favorite Place | Walks around their Ross neighborhood row home

    Robin & Dasher


    Age | 8 years
    Breed | Pug


    Dasher’s Favorite Toy | Mallard the Stuffed Duck
    Dasher’s Favorite Activity | Swimming at Blue Marsh Lake
    Dasher’s Favorite Place | Ignition Skate Shop (they love to pet her)

    Danielle, Elena & Rosie


    Age | 3 years
    Breed | Mini Irish Doodle


    Rosie’s Favorite Toy | Any Ball
    Rosie’s Favorite Activity | Play chase with other dogs and people
    Rosie’s Favorite Place | Northwest Lancaster County River Trail

    Steve & Finn


    Age | 4 years
    Breed | Saint Bernard


    Finn’s Favorite Toy | An Abominable Snowman
    Finn’s Favorite Activity | Sleep, play tug of war, and eat!
    Finn’s Favorite Place | F&M’s campus for walks

    P.S. We couldn’t help but show you even more adorable photos from the contest too so keep scrolling to see even more four-legged friends—let’s hear it for the Dog Days of Summer!