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    Fresh Face: EpitomeFit

    Health Coach Neo Cortex believes it’s time for a change in the fitness industry. For years, many gyms and personal trainers have taken a one-size-fits-all approach that has left many first-time gym-goers feeling intimidated by entering a fitness space and left regular gym goers without the tools they need to put their health at the forefront of their workout regimen. But at EpitomeFit, your health is their #1 focus.


    “We provide top notch coaching in movement, nutrition, and lifestyle to help our members achieve the health they deserve,” says Coach Neo. “The experience here is comfortable, friendly, and inviting. If you’re someone who’s never stepped foot in a gym, this place is for you.” Everyone who visits EpitomeFit receives a warm greeting from a member of the team, currently comprised of coaches Neo, Sherri, and Ellie. Along with health coaching, they also offer boxing, yoga, qigong, and a class Coach Neo created called Restoration of Natural Movement.


    EpitomeFit tailors their memberships to meet clients’ unique needs. The only “Fitness After 40” specialists in the region, they meet with each prospective client individually to understand their specific lifestyle habits and wellness needs. After careful evaluation, they recommend a program that is mapped out and broken down into small steps to make it easier for clients to execute.

    “I tell people, ‘Look, don’t try to take huge steps. Just take a step. And then another. And then another.’ Next thing you know you’re moving towards your goal,” he said.


    Clients have seen incredible results from nutrition counseling and movement training that go beyond weight loss and building muscle. Coach Neo wants you to know this is not your average gym—it is a brand-new experience in fitness, health, and wellness.


    If you are looking to become a healthier version of you, visit the EpitomeFit website at And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!