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    Solvit Academy Announces New Middle School

    After 3 years of educating children ages 5 to 10, Solvit Academy plans to open a middle school in Lancaster City next fall. The middle school will provide quality, hands-on educational experiences to a new age group, serving learners ages 11 to 13.


    What makes the Solvit Academy middle school different? It will focus on providing learners with real-world work experiences before they even step foot into a high school or college setting. Voyagers are already exposed to entrepreneurship skills through Solvit Academy’s annual Children’s Business Fair, but when the academy opens the doors of the middle school, new opportunities will abound for Solvit students.


    Solvit students, known as voyagers, will have the unique chance to engage in apprenticeship opportunities that are tailored to their field of interest and dream careers. While encouraged by parents, educators, and adults in their lives, these pivotal experiences will be facilitated by the students themselves. 


    Voyagers will exercise skills like identifying potential vocations, reaching out to employers, and setting expectations around their contributions. 


    As a member of the Acton network, apprenticeships play a critical role in building real-world, applicable skills. Indra, an Acton Academy student, was able to become an apprentice in the music industry, a field she is passionate about. Indra’s mother said, “I asked Indra if it was intimidating to set up and break down mics and equipment since these are not yet skills she’s fluent in, but she beamed, ‘Well yeah, of course it was intimidating! But I just kind of have to do it to figure it out and learn!’”


    In keeping with Solvit Academy’s goal of equipping their voyagers with real world experiences that will prepare them for whatever they choose to do with their lives, they hope the apprenticeship program will provide ample opportunities to instill confidence, curiosity, and the ability for voyagers to take initiative toward their dreams. 


    Visit Solvit Academy’s upcoming Open House on Saturday, January 21 and see the difference for yourself.  Register for free here.