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    Movement for life, movement for work

    Fueled by her lifelong interest in investing in the wellness of the human body, Dawn Cox went back to school in New York City at the age of 30 to become a physical therapist. It was there she discovered Functional Manual Therapy®. FMT is an integrative manual physical therapy that blends the value of hands-on treatment with the power of customized neuromuscular and functional retraining. Basically, as Dawn puts it, physical therapy the way it should be.


    When Dawn’s family decided to move to Lancaster, she realized her approach to physical therapy treatment would serve the community well, and she opened Prana, a holistic Functional Manual Therapy® clinic in 2009 on North Prince Street. Since then, she has mentored many other physical therapists to help create “ambassadors of excellence in physical therapy” right here in Lancaster.

    Now with six full-time and one part-time physical therapists on staff, Prana is a staple in the city for whole body wellness and performance. Dawn and her team care for a range of patients—from high-level athletes to chronic pain sufferers—helping each of them move through life with more confidence in their bodies without pain.


    Schedule a physical therapy session and discover your best self at


    The Prana Team (pictured above)

    Front row: Adam Alton, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC and Dawn M. Cox, PT, MSPT, CFMT

    Middle row: Heather Lindsley, PT; Charles O’Malley, PT, DPT; Natalie Smith; and Sean MacLaughlin, PT, DPT

    Back row: Brandy Keener; Shannon Munley, PT, DPT; Joseph Kiehl, PT, DPT; and Lori Groff

    Photo by Nick Gould




    Photos by Brian Donnelly

    With 20+ years of physical therapy experience under her belt, Dawn Cox (PT, MSPT, CFMT) founded Myokind—a strategic movement method focused on preventing repetitive stress injuries and promoting wellness in the workplace. Through Dawn’s decades of experience, she has seen that if you move well throughout your day, you can minimize stress and strain to your body and maximize strength and stability. This equals less pain and more opportunity for you to be the best person you can be.


    “As a physical therapist, I have worked with businesses for years,” Dawn said. “Educating and training individuals on proper posture and movement strategies in order to prevent injuries for the employees, boost morale and performance, and improve the bottom line for the company.”


    Dawn integrates her real-world experience with clinical precision to bring the best and latest way of training employees that only a movement specialist can provide. This helps employers she works with to empower their employees to take charge of their wellness. Dawn also works closely with safety managers and trainers through coaching to equip them to bring out the best in their workforce.


    Myokind offers relevant videos highlighting proper workplace movements with often-missed nuances that can be key for preventing repetitive stress injuries. Myokind also offers more comprehensive packages that include on-site coaching, classes, and one-on-one preventative PT sessions.


    Founded and rooted in Lancaster, Myokind is impacting workplaces locally and globally. If you own a business, consider Myokind for your employees.