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    Armstrong World Industries Foundation & the Lancaster Public Library

    Jamie Hall, Development Director, Lancaster Public Library; Salena Coachman, VP, Talent Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Armstrong World Industries, Inc. and President of the AWI Foundation; Lissa Holland, Executive Director, Lancaster Public Library

    Armstrong World Industries and the Armstrong World Industries Foundation envision a world where people can be healthy, happy, productive, and safe in the environments built around them. That’s why they partnered with Lancaster Public Library, as they moved to a new state‑of‑the‑art building in Ewell Plaza in Lancaster City, to create a space for the community to gather and be inspired.


    Salena Coachman, VP, Talent Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Armstrong World Industries, Inc. and President of the AWI Foundation, fell in love with the project, understanding how a space like this can benefit the community.


    “Just like the Lancaster Public Library, Armstrong has a rich history in Lancaster County, dating back more than 160 years. As we both move forward toward a thriving future, it was important for the Armstrong Foundation and Armstrong World Industries to be a part of this project,” Salena said.


    Lancaster Public Library is one of the oldest libraries in the country, founded in 1759. The very first location was on Queen Street and over two centuries later, they’ve come back home.


    The history of the Lancaster Library as a staple of service to the community coincides with the focus of the AWI Foundation. Renovating buildings where organizations operate improves their spaces and the quality of service provided to the people they benefit.


    “We are excited to invest in the new Lancaster Public Library because of its important role in our community,” Salena said. “Beyond the books, this is a place people come to learn, build community, access technology, and many other services. The library serves all generations and all walks of life, and we knew we could contribute to making the space more functional and beautiful.”

    Armstrong products were incorporated into the new design to allow for better acoustics in common areas of the library, including the staircases, children’s library, young adult library, and common reading spaces.

    Featured Products
    • AcoustiBuilt® Seamless Acoustical Ceiling System
    • Tectum® DesignArt™ Wall Panels
    • InvisAcoustics™ Acoustical Panels

    The Armstrong World Industries Foundation Better Building Grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations in locations where employees live, work, learn, heal, and play. The AWI Foundation believes in supporting communities in creating healthier, safer, and more sustainable buildings.