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    The Art of Communication: McCaskey High School’s Media Studies and Communications

    A key element of education at McCaskey High School, the Media Studies and Communications Program has been teaching students how to be good communicators since the 90s. As technology has evolved, so has the program, which now boasts classes on critical channels like social media as well as a daily live streamed show.


    Natalie Nolt, a Media Studies & Communications Teacher, has been a part of the program for 10 years when the school recruited teachers to help bring new life to the elective program for the digital age. By providing real life communication experiences and fostering community partnerships, her and her fellow teachers are investing in the next generation of storytellers.


    After the pandemic, a partnership began with WGAL which includes field trips, broadcast competitions, and shadowing media professionals. Around that time, students also took over the McCaskey social media channels under the guidance of their teachers, creating content to showcase all the classes and programs offered at the school.


    “These students have found their place and found their why in the program,” Nolt shared. “Now their job is to showcase all these places where other kids can find their place. They are both journalists and McCaskey ambassadors.” More than 100 students are part of the growing program this year, shooting on industry level cameras, editing with premier software, and getting professional-level experience with audio and visual. “Every kid comes a little differently to the program. Some have gone on to pursue a career in communications, and all of them leave with the knowledge of how to collaborate with a team and unleash their potential,” Nolt said.

    “I see myself teaching how to work with technology, not necessarily teaching technology. The technology is always changing. Our students are learning how to troubleshoot, problem solve on what pieces they need, and understand how to be a leader. The next generation is already naturally collaborative, advocating for themselves and networking as storytellers.”
    – Natalie Nolt, Media Studies & Communications Teacher


    Good communication is a lifelong skill for building trust within relationships. The Mortgage Craft team and Alex Whitt of Keller Williams Elite have seen that firsthand as they foster trust with their clients, and that’s why they are proud to highlight the valuable lessons happening within the McCaskey High School Media Studies and Communications Program.


    “Education has been my top priority, and it’s essential to recognize the excellent work of these educators in shaping the next generation of communicators. As real estate professionals, we strive to prioritize education and communication in our daily practices.”

    – Ralph Means, Broker, Mortgage Craft


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