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    Fresh Face: Lancaster County Coffee Roasters’ Ross Street Roastery & Coffee Bar

    Owners Scott and Kelly Smith

    For over 20 years, Lancaster County Coffee Roasters’ small-batch blends have been filling mugs at local brunch spots and caffeinating shoppers at Lancaster Central Market. Earlier this summer, the company opened its doors to the Ross Street Roastery & Coffee Bar, providing a new way for customers to experience their locally crafted coffees.


    The objective is for the Ross Street location to be a place where customers enjoy the coffee they love and walk away with a better understanding of how their favorite brews are crafted.


    “Not only can you grab a great cup of coffee and grab all of our coffees here at one site, we can also cater to your curiosity about our coffees, how they’re roasted, and the allure of that process,” Scott Smith said.


    Lancaster County Coffee Roasters sources its beans from small farms around the globe before their expert staff meticulously roasts and hand-packs each blend. While visiting the roastery, customers can purchase the coffees they know and love, like Hex Blend, Starbarn, and Stroopwafel, while shopping a selection of coffees not sold on the company’s website or at their market stand.


    The full-service coffee bar will also feature the company’s 747 Espresso, a balanced blend with notes of caramel and brown sugar.


    “You can get a cup of coffee or pounds of coffee, freshly roasted and ground onsite, and on the other side of the wall, we’re actually making it, roasting it, and packaging it,” Scott said.


    Grab your next cup of coffee at the Ross Street Roastery & Coffee Bar at 747 East Ross Street from 8am–2pm, Monday through Friday.