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    High Five: Sarah Colantonio

    Thanks in part to the work of Founding Partner Sarah Colantonio, Work Wisdom helps leaders, co-leaders, coaches, teams, organizations, and communities become the best version of themselves. The Work Wisdom team is giving her a high five for the impact she is making on the Lancaster community and beyond.

    “Sarah has a kind heart and beautiful spirit that shines through every workshop, meeting, and conversation you have with her. I am so grateful to know Sarah as a leader, mentor, and friend!”

    – Janine James, Vice President

    “Sarah’s inviting personality holds space for clients and friends to explore ideas and self-awareness at new levels. Her quiet leadership and empowering attitude are fulfilling to all who know her.”

    – Matt Zimmerman, Senior Vice President

    “Sarah combines warm, innovative, and easygoing in a disarmingly lovable way that makes you want to spend as much time as possible breathing the same air as her. She weaves creativity into a rightly-ordered life in a way that gives us all hope.”

    – Kedren Crosby, Founder

    Learn more about Work Wisdom here