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    Elevate your well-being at The Aesthetix Lounge

    At the core of the newly-opened Aesthetix Lounge is a passion to come alongside clients on their journey to confidence. Owners Jennifer Meglic and Andra Green bring a mindfulness to their practice, understanding the relationships with their clients and staff are the most important thing. Andra is an Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner with a background in hospital medicine, which she believes gives her a unique perspective when it comes to aesthetics.


    “Our society is living longer and with better quality of life. I’m well-versed with the physical aging process, which can be tough to see and often contrasts how we feel inside,” Andra shared. “That’s where the field of aesthetic medicine comes in—a form of self-care so what we see in the mirror can match how we feel.”


    Andra also stresses the importance of recognizing that many of the treatments offered at med spas are medical procedures, and at The Aesthetix Lounge, they ensure safety is a top priority. Treatment plans are as unique as each person and can range from relaxation services to more invasive corrective procedures to simply starting a skincare journey. No matter the plan, The Aesthetix Lounge functions as a strong collaborative team, creating a relaxing experience with emphasis on maximizing results.


    “We offer complimentary consultations so there’s no pressure to opt for any services,” Jennifer said. “We want our clients to have the knowledge of what options are out there to help them reach their goals. The industry is constantly evolving, and we pride ourselves on having some of the latest technology onsite,” she added.


    “No matter what journey you’re on, we guide you through the best decisions for you.”


    For a full list of services offered at The Aesthetix Lounge and to schedule your complimentary consultation, go to