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    Gather, play, and compete at Spooky Nook Sports


    Located just outside of Lancaster, Spooky Nook Sports was sparked by an idea founder and owner Sam Beiler had when attending his daughter’s traveling volleyball tournaments. He noticed the gyms they traveled to often had no more than two or three courts so for a larger-scale tournament, they were traveling around to multiple locations, sometimes several times a day. He dreamed up a plan for a brand-new 10 court facility that prioritized the guest experience—and anyone who has been to The Nook’s 14-acre building knows the reality was a little bigger than Beiler’s original idea.



    Since its 2013 opening, Spooky Nook Sports has grown to be the largest indoor sports complex in the United States with 800,000 square feet of world-class facilities for land sports, individual fitness training, corporate and social events, and national sporting events. Its impact on the Lancaster community can be seen throughout its history. From their opening day to becoming a community and economic pillar in Lancaster County, it is an iconic destination for athletes, families, and sports enthusiasts alike.




    • 1.6 million visitors in 2023
    • Nearly $1 billion spent in Lancaster by visitors
    • 13,000 jobs created
    • $379+ million in hotel revenue in the surrounding area
    • 20 youth and adult sports under one roof


    "Sports tourism throughout Lancaster County continues to increase, and Spooky Nook Sports is a huge part of that growth and our
    rising regional & national profile in this important visitor segment.”

    – Ed Harris, President & CEO, Discover Lancaster


    As Spooky Nook Sports continues to evolve, they are embracing the endless possibilities that lie ahead after 10 successful years. The beauty of The Nook is that there is truly something for everyone, and those somethings can happen all under one roof. Visiting athletes can come for sports tournaments, their families can stay onsite, and even their siblings can join in the arcade and climbing area—while local athletes and Lancaster families can join the fitness center, working professionals can participate in weekly adult rec leagues, and kids can join in the fun of summer camps each year.

    “ The most rewarding experience is seeing kids who started out as campers become team members or join an academy team. The end of every camp season always felt like such a success—to know we safely took care of a lot of people’s kids and gave them a great experience.”

    – Staci C., Spooky Nook Sports Employee


    • 10 Hardwood Courts
    • Blue Surface Sport Court
    • Rock Gym
    • Clip N’ Climb Area
    • 5 Indoor Turf Fields
    • Baseball & Softball Training Center
    • Sports Performance Center
    • Fitness Center
    • Arcade
    • Dome & Outdoor Pitch
    • Onsite Trainers from Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster
    • SV Sports Shop
    • Food Court & Smoothie Bar
    • Locker Rooms and Showers
    • Spectators Mezzanine
    • Warehouse Hotel at The Nook
    • Forklift & Palate Restaurant