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    Meet Denyse Kling, founder of the Holistic Center for Health and Well-being

    Denyse Kling, Founder

    Always drawn to the notion of helping people, Denyse Kling spent the first few decades of her career on the management and marketing side of the healthcare industry. Although passionate about her work at the time, she couldn’t help but notice a growing unease with many of the people she encountered. That’s when Denyse decided to pivot her career, become a certified yoga instructor, and empower people to proactively own their health and well-being.


    After many successful years of teaching and operating her own yoga studio, Denyse is growing her vision of being a community resource by expanding her practice into the Holistic Center for Health and Well-being (HCHW).


    “I want the Center to be a platform to bring people to that place of ease and embrace wellness practices for daily living,” she explained.


    Along with yoga, HCHW will bring together modalities, including Breathing, Meditation, Sound Immersion, Nutrition and Cooking Techniques, Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), Banish the Burnout, Life Transformation Sessions, Mindfulness, Seminars, Workshops & Courses under one roof at their Lititz location.


    Through the center, Denyse is also launching a nonprofit to support her Ambassadors for Wellness program, which includes a course for graduating high schoolers navigating their next steps and teacher trainings for underserved communities.


    At the core of each of these practices is a commitment to investing in yourself, and Denyse stresses the importance of giving yourself permission to do this.


    “There is no guilt in self-care,” she shared. “In fact, it is vital to our own well-being and the well-being of those we interact with.”


    She believes whatever form that takes for you—whether the stillness of a breathing class, establishing a new routine through yoga, or gathering in community—there is something life-giving for everyone at HCHW.


    Their inclusive environment offers membership options, courses and seminars, personal sessions, gathering events, and more. Stay up to date by visiting




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