Artisans of Today & Artisans of Tomorrow

In this special feature, get to know some of Viocity Group’s Artisans of Today and Artisans of Tomorrow.

Viocity Group is a collection of diverse teams of craftsmen united across disciplines who build ideas into cutting-edge reality. Their family of services include five dynamic companies: H&S Industrial, Keystruct Construction, Nitro Cutting, RSR Electric, and VNT Mechanical. Through their extensive partnerships in the Central Pennsylvania community, they are bringing in students and apprentices to join their talented team of makers in each division.

In this special feature, get to know some of Viocity Group’s Artisans of Today and Artisans of Tomorrow.



Nitro Cutting

Graduate of Mount Joy Vo-Tech (now known as Lancaster County Career & Technology Center)

“My father was a millwright at H&S, and I wanted to work where he did. During my classes, I really enjoyed working with my hands and forming sheet metal into different parts. I enjoy the creativity of designing and drawing a part to fulfill a specific purpose for the customer.”


H&S Industrial

Graduate of Fayette County Career & Technical Institute

“What I love about this work is getting to use a variety of skills, especially when I get to work on special projects. My advice to future artisans is to take your time and do it right the first time. You can always get knowledge off the veterans.”


H&S Industrial

Graduate of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

“I enjoy learning about the different ways of making things, and it’s rewarding to make things that serve a purpose. My advice to future welders is to never stop learning.”

Left: Chris Miller & Jason Fisher | Right: Josh Seitzer & Nate McClymont


Viocity Group

“The most rewarding part of my work is being able to share the insights I have gained over the years with newer and younger folks in our trades. My advice to them is to watch, listen, and ask lots of questions to veteran craftsman available at your disposal. Mistakes will be made along the way, but learn from them to better yourself in the future.”


RSR Electric

Graduate of Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

“The combination of using technical skills and craftsmanship drew me to this line of work. Every project and every day is unique. My advice is don’t be afraid to dive in and take on new challenges so you can enjoy everything this trade has to offer.”


Keystruct Construction

Graduate of York County School of Technology

“Growing up, I always knew the pieces and parts of buildings don’t make themselves, and now the most rewarding thing for me is seeing the complete structure go from print to product. Each welder has their own technique, and you never stop learning.”


Welding Instructor at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

“Welding is the secret ingredient to making fascinating and useful things. The freedom of crafting something is so satisfying to me, and it’s my passion and livelihood on top of being an instructor. What I tell my students is to pick a trajectory, and like an airplane on a flight path, you make adjustments as necessary and then stick the landing.”

Left: Zach Laughman | Right: Joe Varga



H&S Industrial

York County School of Technology

“It’s rewarding to know that your welds will actually get used in the everyday. I hope as I progress in my career that I’m always improving my craft and getting better while also getting my hands dirty.”


RSR Electric

ABC Apprenticeship

“The shared knowledge from a journeyman during my apprenticeship was priceless, sharing about mistakes and teaching me how I can improve. Unlocking those skills in the trade is really exciting. The electrical field is extremely complex and never gets repetitive.”


Keystruct Construction

York County School of Technology

“I was drawn to the thought of building something that will last a lifetime. I hope to become one of the best builders and even build a home for my future family. This career is really going to make my dreams come true.”

Left: Adam Howard, Zach Laughman & Zach Jones | Right: Jon Odrosky & Ross Eckman

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