Celebrating Earth Day with Lancaster Locals

Many of our local stores, organizations, and shops are doing their part to contribute to making our world a better, healthier place.

Happy Earth Day from your friends at Fig! As we take time to celebrate the lovely planet that we call home, we’d like to highlight a few local businesses who are doing their part to keep Mother Earth beautiful and healthy. Take a look at how local markets, salons, non-profits, and shops are bringing awareness to our environment within our community and beyond.

Lemon Street Market:

Just off the corner of Mulberry and Lemon Street, the full-service grocery store focuses on healthy and sustainable living. You can find a variety of local, organic, vegan, and fair trade items, ranging from produce to household and cleaning products. Be sure to stop by their kitchen and coffee bar that is open 7 days a week, 7 am – 7 pm.

Photos by Fig Lancaster

Melanin Essentials:

After experiencing first-hand the harsh effects of conventional hair products, co-founders and best friends, Saba Williams and Olayinka Credle, started their own line of hair, skin, and body products that prioritize a woman’s health and natural beauty. Their passion is to become one of the first zero-waste beauty brands as they produce high quality, non-toxic personal care products that are kind to our bodies and our earth.

Photos from Melanin Essentials

Lancaster City Alliance:

Formed in 2013, the Lancaster City Alliance is dedicated to improving the City’s financial stability, public safety, and quality of life for all. By connecting with various local organizations and partners, the LCA ensures a clean and safe environment for the years to come. One way this is being accomplished is with the City’s “Adopt-a-Block” program, intended for a neighborhood, business, or organization to monitor and maintain a specific street or area on a regular basis.

Photos by Fig Lancaster

The Green Room:

This organic salon, located on East Walnut Street, is dedicated to providing a more holistic approach to hair care. The Green Room is proud to choose a more sustainable way of business by providing all its customers with a color and product line that is vegan-friendly, 100% cruelty-free, made of fair trade ingredients and pure essential oils, and rigorously tested to create the highest quality possible.

Photo by Fig Lancaster

Prince Street Café:

A favorite spot of many, this hip café located Downtown is known for how they are saving the planet, one customer at a time. Prince Street Café is making moves towards becoming more eco-friendly by utilizing their compost and recycling options, supplying sustainable ingredients like oat milk (which uses 6x less water when processed,) providing reusable cold cups, and having 99% of their waste be compostable. They also have multiple plants stationed around their space, helping to clean the air of pollutants and toxins. Stop by any day from 6:30 am – 11 pm for a fresh cup of coffee or a nourishing meal.

Photos from Prince Street Café

Benjamin Roberts:

Since 1977, the team of experienced contract furniture experts at Benjamin Roberts have been creating places that inspire, empower, and equip others for success. By choosing ethically made furniture and sustainable architectural solutions, they are continuing to transform the workplaces of local communities for the better, such as supplying their line of Allsteel® Acuity task chairs made form 15 lbs. of recycled aluminum.

Photo by Fig Lancaster

Lancaster Farm Fresh:

This non-profit organic farmer’s cooperative focuses on providing high-quality foods from local farms. The LFFC (Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative) provides fresh, certified organic products through a seasonal subscription program known as Community Supported Agriculture. By choosing this service, you are supporting over 100 local farmers around Lancaster County, helping to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly community for our future generations.

Photos by Fig Lancaster

Habitat for Humanity ReStore:

For more than 30 years, Habitat for Humanity ReStore has been committed to build, renovate, and repair homes in the Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Volunteers prepare homes by utilizing sustainable sources, empowering families and communities with dignity and stability in hopes that the poverty cycle will someday be broken forever.

Photo by Fig Lancaster

Sophie Stargazer:

Located on East King Street, this stylish boutique carries the most fashion-forward and eco-friendly brands. Kristin Snyder, the proud owner, desires to share sustainable and ethically-minded brands with her customers that will serve as investment pieces for years to come.

Photo by Fig Lancaster

Photos by Sophie Stargazer

Many of our local stores, organizations, and shops are doing their part to contribute to making our world a better, healthier place. Celebrate Earth Day by purchasing from or partnering with these organizations—whether you are looking for fresh groceries, a new blouse, or a way to volunteer.

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