Fig’s Guide To Lancaster Central Market: Holiday Feasts & Celebrations

Source all you need for feasts and festivities at Central Market this holiday season.

Since 1730, there have been thousands and thousands of lives impacted by Lancaster Central Market—from chefs and standholders, to local shoppers and visiting tourists. More than 60 local vendors call the beautiful 1889 Market House home three days each week, when it opens its doors to welcome the surrounding community.

Shopping local is important for a community to thrive. This holiday season, find all you need at Lancaster Central Market for your ultimate celebration! Whether you are entertaining or shopping for a holiday feast, Lancaster Central Market has it all. 

Check out our guide and get shopping! Visit the website to find out more about all the places listed below.

Rooster Street Butcher

For Your Feast

Every meal needs a centerpiece. Maybe meat is not your thing (if not, skip to the next veggie-filled section!), but if it is there is an assortment of incredible main dish meat spots at Market. 

Main Dish Meats

  • Carr’s offers an assortment of fresh meats, while also providing dressings, caviar, and more, with preparation tips. They offer a popular single-serving, ready-to-eat meals—many pre-packaged in microwaveable boxes for ease in preparation.
  • Country Meadow Farms brings fresh, grass-fed, free-range meat and poultry to Market. Each cut at Country Meadows is free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, as well, adding to its high-quality nature. Choose from a wide variety of pork, beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey for your next meal.
  • German Deli offers an impressive array of cheese, sauerkraut, spaetzle, mustard, dumplings, and more, direct from Germany since 1984.
  • JB Kelly Seafood Connection carries super fresh, wild caught, in-season, and sustainable seafood fresh from the Atlantic Ocean dock to your plate. Specialties include fresh lobster, salmon, and oysters.
  • Mr. Bill’s Fresh Seafood provides Market with 20 different species of fish, along with shrimp, scallops, clam, mussel, crab, oyster, lobster, and more, depending on the season.
  • Rooster Street Butcher offers handcrafted charcuterie and fresh meats, including bacon, cured meats, fresh sausages, and much more for those looking for a European-style butcher shop.

Mr. Bill's Fresh Seafood. 

The Turkey Lady.

German Deli

  • Shenk’s Poultry provides a full line of poultry, including chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, duck, and farm-fresh eggs from throughout Lancaster County. Precut products like breast, wings, and other popular cuts, are offered.
  • Stella’s Authentic Greek Cuisine brings the authenticity and flavor of Greece to Lancaster. Explore gyros, tzatziki, and many other made-from-scratch delicacies like hummus and spanakopita.
  • Stoltzfus Fresh Meats has brought a plentiful selection of steak, beef burgers, roasts, multiple flavors of sausage, and bacon for your holiday spread.
  • The Turkey Lady is home to virtually every manner of turkey product, including 21 varieties of turkey sausage, turkey jerky, turkey snack sticks, and so much more.

Garden Bounty: Fresh Fruits & Veggies

  • Stoner’s Homegrown Vegetables offers a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables from nearby farms in Strasburg. Browse plenty of seasonal finds right from the garden.
  • Sweethearts of Lancaster County is your celery destination. Blending East and West Coast celery styles, Sweethearts brings celery from California and uses a unique process learned from a gentleman at a northern Lancaster County farm stand to offer sweet, crispy, flavorful celery.
  • The Herb Shop boasts a wide array of herbs and spices to help you create any dish. They offer more than 250 herbs and spices, as well as more than 60 offerings of loose and bagged teas to enjoy.
  • Thomas Produce offers homegrown and locally sourced produce from the area, while also offering a bountiful amount of plants, herbs, perennials, and annuals—along with eggs from neighboring farms.
  • Tulip Tree Hill Farm proudly offers chemical-free, sustainably grown greens, vegetables, and fresh eggs. Check in for a unique offering of seasonal choices as well.
  • Barr’s Farm Produce is always providing in-season produce locally sourced, while also offering flowers from the region and delicious apple cider.


LEFT: Sweeathearts of Lancaster County. RIGHT: Kauffman’s Fruit Farm.

  • Brogue Hydroponics employs a method using recyclable nutrient-rich solutions in peat moss rather than traditional soil to grow a variety lettuce, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to offer at the stand.
  • Green Circle Organics partners with local family farms to provide those who visit the stand with healthy, sustainable produce, dairy, and dried goods.
  • Groff’s Vegetables brings a plethora of vegetables to Market each week from the plentiful soil of a 10-acre, chemical-free farm. A Groff family specialty is lettuce—with more than 14 varieties from which to choose.
  • Horseshoe Ranch offer a bounty of chemical-free produce and pastured eggs from a farm just across the river in Wrightsville.
  • Kauffman’s Fruit Farm provides an abundance of delicious of tree fruit, including peaches, apples, plums, and cherries. Other favorites from their orchard include sweet apple cider and apple butter.
  • Meck’s Produce brings a variety of fresh locally grown options from their 60-acre Meck family farm in southern Lancaster County, and also includes hydroponic varieties along with other locally grown options.
  • Pure Palate Organic offers items that are all sourced from local Lancaster County farms with sustainable farming practices. From butter to milk to ice cream, add Pure Palate Organic to your list for all of your organic dairy needs.

Side Guide

  • The Goodie Shop offers an assortment of seasonally crafted salads, soups, quiches, sandwiches, veggie patties, entrees, dips, freshly baked pastries, and desserts. Perfect for a variety of meal additions!
  • Thom’s BREAD exemplifies the wonderful simplicity of a traditional Italian loaf. Each loaf is created with four simple ingredients—flour, water, salt, and yeast—plus simple, fresh flavorings like rosemary, honey, or Kalamata olives, to name a few.
  • Buona Tavola specializes in fresh pastas and sauces. All of their fresh pastas, including spinach, whole wheat, vegan, and gluten-free varieties, among others, are made with generations-old recipes straight from Calabria, Italy.
  • The Grain Shop stocks a wide variety of healthy beans, whole grains, and colorful rices from around the world. From French Lentils to Himalayan Red Rice, they bring a bounty of new and ancient flavors to your pantry.
  • Christina’s Criollo serves delicious comida criollo, which combines Spanish cooking techniques and local ingredients. Each dish is made from family recipes. The empanadas are a Market favorite, and her sofrito is a specialty.
  • Deli Grassi fills their stand each week with a variety of Italian specialties, including meatballs, sausages, olives, other meats, and many Italian creations straight from secret family recipes.
  • Lancaster Farmhouse began in Philadelphia in 1953, and now features a stand in Central Market with an impressive selection of artisanal cheeses, fresh charcuterie, and bacon styles. Plus, handcrafted sandwiches are offered for lunch.

S. Clyde Weaver. 

LEFT: Ric's Bread. RIGHT: Lancaster Farmhouse. 

Spring Glen. 

LEFT: The Grain Shop. RIGHT: Narai Thai & Asian Cuisine. 

  • Linden Dale Farm fills their stand each week with the highest-quality farmstead goat cheeses from their farm in Ronks. They offer a selection of feta and six flavors of chevre, all of which are spectacularly delicious.
  • Narai Thai & Asian Cuisine offers a delicious array of Thai meals for you to enjoy. You’ll find favorites like pad Thai and lemongrass chicken, along with rice paper spring rolls and crispy rolls. If you’re in the mood for some spice, try their Evil Jungle Princess.
  • Ric’s Bread offers an assortment of artisanal breads and handmade baked items. They are proud to offer all-natural, preservative-free items created freshly each day from locally sourced ingredients. Favorites include their croissants and 14-grain, cinnamon swirl, apple, and pretzel loaves.
  • S. Clyde Weaer features a seasoned boiled ham specialty developed by S. Clyde—one of the first sandwich deli meats of its time when they opened in 1929. Added varieties of ham, bologna, turkey, sausage, Swiss, Colby, cheddars, and specialty cheeses have made Weaver’s a destination when shopping for any meal or event.
  • Saife’s Middle Eastern Food continues to bring the delightfully warm, savory spices of Middle Eastern fare to Market every week. With top-secretly spiced falafel, seemingly endless flavors of hummus, and baklava for your sweet tooth, Saife’s Middle Eastern Food is a fan favorite.
  • Spring Glen Fresh Foods features Lancaster County comfort favorites like chicken pot pie, chow chow, and Dutch potato salad. However, just as popular as their broad selection of salads is their great variety of soups and desserts.


  • Central Market Juice Company offers a healthful variety of options for creating your favorite fruit drink or smoothie from freshly squeezed, mixed, and blended fruits and flavor combinations. Also, don’t miss their fresh bagels from neighboring bakeries.
  • Havana Juice offers freshly pressed sugar cane juice—a natural, unprocessed option for anyone in need of a sweet treat. Squeezed directly from the stalk into your glass, sugar cane juice boasts a number of health benefits.
  • Lancaster County Coffee Roasters endlessly pursues their passion for the perfect cup. Honoring the notion that the best coffee comes directly from the roaster with deliberate sourcing, Lancaster County Coffee Roasters has been offering freshly roasted, small-batch coffees in Lancaster for over a decade.

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters.

LEFT: Rijuice. RIGHT: Maplehofe Dairy. 

Central Market Juice Company.

  • Maplehofe Dairy offers fresh, local dairy products from the Glick family farm in southern Lancaster County. Give their pure milk a try, or have a go at their delicious rainbow of flavors, including their famous chocolate (and also orange cream!).
  • Mean Cup offers made-to-order espresso, coffee, and tea beverages, as well as sodas and apple cider. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bag of whole or ground coffee while you’re there for your off-Market day caffeine fix.
  • rijuice has been passionately crafting cold-pressed juice from whole fruits and vegetables and serving its local community ever since. With more than 200 flavors, all vegan and gluten free, shoppers at Lancaster Central Market will be sure to enjoy the seasonal abundance of Pennsylvania produce in every bottle.
  • Tea Bar offers made-to-order tea drinks, and also an assortment of teas to purchase. All teas and herbs are sourced from USDA organic and fair trade certified vendors in an effort to provide the freshest blends, encourage world sustainability, and support communities where tea is economically vital.

Snacks & Sweets

  • Amish Family Recipes is full of more than 44 different varieties of jarred items, including salsas, jams, dressings, mustards, and pickled vegetables—all of which are time-honored Amish and Mennonite family traditions. Also available at the stand are BBQ and hot sauces; locally popped popcorn; handmade biscotti; soup and cookie mixes; and Stroopies.
  • Guacamole Specialists serves fresh guacamole in a variety of flavors perfect for your next spread! This new Market stand is a great spot to stock up before the party.
  • Kom Essa offers Market-goers quick bites like hot dogs, sausages, handmade soft pretzels, and delicious breakfast sandwiches.
  • Lancaster Pet Bakery makes sure you don’t forget about your furry friends over the holidays! The stand offers all-natural dog bones and a plethora of snacks and treats for cats and dogs, using fresh, human-grade ingredients.
  • Long’s Horseradish has been handcrafting its now-famous horseradish since 1902. Each small batch is created using three all-natural ingredients: horseradish root, distilled vinegar, and water. Grab a few jars for the party spread.
  • Miesse Candies features fresh, quality chocolates in Lancaster. Their rich chocolate is made with real cocoa butter, and all of their fruits and nuts are hand-dipped the old-fashioned way.

LEFT: Shady Maple. RIGHT: Uncle Leroy's Candy Kitchen. 

LEFT: Zig's Bakery. RIGHT: Lancaster Pet Bakery. 

The Candy Stand. 

LEFT: New York Pickles. RIGHT: Long's Horseradish. 

  • New York Pickles offers a great assortment of all-natural, preservative-free pickles. With nine types of whole and four types of sliced, this stand has been making pickles since the 1980s and loves bringing them to the Lancaster community.
  • Pretzels On Market offers Philly and Lancaster-style soft pretzels, with delicious dipping sauces. You can also find breakfast pretzel sandwiches, locally made pretzels from Hammonds, and pretzels mixes so you can enjoy fresh Lancaster County pretzels from your own oven.
  • Shady Maple offers more than 200 varieties of from-scratch baked goods in venues throughout the County. Here at Market, they’re most famous for their Amish County whoopie pies, plethora of fresh-baked donuts, and delicious pies.
  • Stoltzfus Homestyle Bakery offers a plethora of pastries, jarred goods, syrups, muffins, donuts, other sweet treats, including the famous Long John, from Achenbach’s Pastries, and jarred delicacies from local legend Ester Sangrey.
  • The Candy Stand is full of sweet treats. Explore an abundant selection of candies, including Groff, Fitzkee, and Wilbur chocolates, along with fruit slices, rainbow coconut strips, gummies, and Asher’s Turkish paste.
  • Uncle Leroy’s Candy Kitchen uses decades-old family recipes to create each sweet offering. Specialties include a variety of flavored fudges, caramel popcorn, and cookies.
  • Wendy Jo’s Homemade offers a delectable assortment of homemade baked goods ranging from animal-shaped sugar cookies with icing to granola bars, including a gluten-free variety, to pies and cupcakes.
  • Zig’s Bakery fills its cases each week with everything from savory scones and fruit pies to coffee cake and cupcakes. And you can rest easy knowing that each of their products is handmade from scratch with fresh, local ingredients.

Deck The Halls: Plan The Party

Your party needs a little decor. And don’t forget the hosting gifts! Explore some great options below, including fresh florals and Lancaster-centric gifting ideas. 

  • Forever Friends offers a curated and wonderful variety of handmade art and glasswork from local and global artists since 1989. Specializing in flat glass, pottery, wooden signs, hand-painted glassware, and jewelry, Forever Friends is the perfect place to a find piece of beautiful art or gift.
  • Pineapple House Creations creates unique scents with blended oils, which inspired the recipes for their hand-poured, clean-burning soy candles and natural body products. All featured are lotions, creams, and balms.
  • Flower Garden Crafts features hand-stitched quilts, potholders, and pillows. Alongside her wide variety of quilted products, they also offers other country-inspired décor, including lighted wooden art pieces and decorative plaques.
  • PA Dutch Gifts offers hex signs, Dutch Blitz card game, postcards, t-shirts, and other locally themed collectables. PA Dutch Gifts offers an array of Lancaster-centric gifts sure to delight any Market visitor.

Inspirational Blossoms. 

Flower Garden Crafts.

  • Inspirational Blossoms offers beautiful fresh and field cut flowers from their eastern Lancaster County farm. In addition to their varieties of seasonal stems, they also offer select house plants, herbs, vegetables, and succulents to be used as starter plants in home gardens.
  • Rohrer Family Farm Flowers bring an abundance of beautiful flowers to Market for patrons to delight in each week. Their offering includes a variety of seasonal blooms, buds, and greens from their family farm in Lititz, just north of the City.

Share The Market Experience

  • Lancaster Central Market has a stand dedicated to Lancaster Central Market gifts including t-shirts, stickers, and more. Stop by and give someone a gift that represents the beautiful old world Market that has been impacting the community and beyond for generations.
  • Oola Bowls is a new stand at Market offering Açai bowls. Açai is a Brazilian super fruit rich in antioxidants and touted for its many health benefits, and is quite tasty when paired with an assortment of fruit, nuts, or drizzles, or on its own. Stop by for a treat and take one to go!
  • Lancaster Salad Company offers fresh, made-to-order salads and locally made soups. Check it out for lunch or grab a gift card for that someone special.

“It’s so important to uplift and encourage local shopping,” said Elyse Pollak, Manager of Communications at Central Market Trust. “Especially for a place like Market—whose motto since 1730 has been sustainability, shopping locally—from producer to consumer, repeat. Shopping locally is the ultimate celebration of sustainability.”

Shop at Central Market this season for local finds, gifts, and feast additions. 

Find out more on the website and find Lancaster Central Market on Instagram and Facebook.

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