Fresh Face: Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine

Where all are welcome, and the future is born: Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine is making the highest-quality medical care even more accessible to the community.

Fresh Face

Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine is making the highest-quality maternal medical care even more accessible to the community. With a newly added location in the heart of Lancaster City, Dr. Rob Larkin and Dr. Christian Macedonia offer concierge-level services for every expecting high-risk mother who visits their practice. While Lancaster MFM is home to one of the inventors of 3D ultrasound and has the highest level of ultrasound technology and sonography credentials, it is the welcoming nature of the practice that gives them the greatest sense of pride.

“Our basic ethos is this: whoever you are, you should feel completely empowered to receive the best care and nothing should stand in your way,” Dr. Macedonia says.

The practice works with all major health plans and with religious affiliated self-pay patients, and the doctors are also credentialed at all of the Lancaster health systems.

“Every mother is unique and so are her needs. We believe it is important to be accommodating, listening to what the mother is saying, and customizing specialized care based on specific needs,” Dr. Larkin says.

The high-risk OB specialists at Lancaster MFM and their skilled nursing team collaborate with the mother’s primary OB providers to create a personalized and safe delivery plan. Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine is committed to a doctor’s version of the golden rule: treat others the way you would like your dearest family members to be treated. That commitment to their patients and the community has only increased during the pandemic when the practice stayed operational. The team made accommodations for mothers actively infected with COVID-19 and treated patients in the ICU and the hospital. They also partnered with Operation Emerald to issue over 65,000 pieces of PPE to local first responders.

With the opening of their second location, Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine is bringing highly-skilled, dedicated, compassionate health professionals where they are needed most. We are honored to welcome their practice to Lancaster City.

Find out more and meet the talented team of specialists at

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