Inspire Series: Sylvie’s Recipes

Sharing French culture through cooking.

Originally from France, Sylvie Bonin and her family relocated to Lancaster. She knew she wanted to do something that she loved and hoped to share a part of herself with her new community by sharing her love of cooking.

“Lancaster is a cosmopolitan place that welcomes people from all countries and cultures, and food is a big part of that. French culture is no exception—what better way to share my culture than through cooking?” — Sylvie Bonin

A life-long learner, as well as a dedicated teacher, Sylvie goes back to France often to learn new things to bring to Lancaster. Most recently she took a course in Paris on working with chocolate. Sylvie’s classes and culture offer more than the fundamentals of French cuisine—she also introduces her students to a new way of thinking about food and cooking. For her youngest students, she encourages a sense of curiosity and ownership. She delights in introducing young palates to the colorful and healthful variety that our farm-to-table community has in abundance. She adores seeing how relationships between friends, lovers, parents, and children blossom and grow in the kitchen. Sylvie passes on to her students a fresh mindset on time spent in the kitchen as time gained (not lost) in a shared experience with family and friends.

Sylvie offers courses for every kind of learner; from children to adult couples, to chefs with some culinary experience already, there is something for everyone. Although you will walk away with whatever delicacies you create, the deeper enrichment gained will stay with you long after the last macaron, rillette, or truffle is eaten. “We put all the ingredients together, your personality, your experiences, and at the end we have made a beautiful memory and delicious meal together.”

Visit to learn more and book a 1-, 2-, or 3-hour class. You can even choose what you’d like to make or select from an extensive list of recipes.

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