Local Feature: Red Raven Art Gallery

Discover the incredible and talented artists of Red Raven Art Company.

Feature Image Above – The artists of Red Raven at The Trust Performing Arts Center. Left to right: Adam Bunting, Art Harrington, Georganna Lenssen, Rhoda Kahler, Lee Lovett, Jenny Germann, Mark Dennis, Regina Martin, Steve Wilson, Fred Rodger, Jackie Madsen

Red Raven Art Company is a gallery run by three local artists, whose mission is to nurture artists both young and old, to support the art efforts of our wonderful City, and to have an art scene that is thriving, vibrant, and crucial to the very essence of our lives.

Red Raven works with over 65 artists in both a local and regional capacity. They offer a diverse array of original artwork and over 500 fine art prints. In addition, the gallery has partnered with the CX Carlson Cultural Trust in order to provide emerging artists both exhibit space and scholarship opportunity.

Discover some of the inspiring artwork below.

Jenny Germann – Alley – Woodburning & Watercolor – 21×28

Adam Bunting – Seasons Change – Watercolor – 14×11

Art Harrington – Back to the Future 109 – Mixed Media – 18×24

Georganna Lenssen – Tiger in Water – Oil on Canvas – 39×30

Rhoda Kahler – Lancaster – Stoneware – 20×20

Lee Lovett – Raise the Roof II – Oil on Canvas – 18×18

Mark Dennis – Old Man of the Sea – Epoxy Clay & Marble – 20x12x12

Regina Martin – Barnscape #16 – Acrylic – 18×24

Steve Wilson – Into the Woods – Watercolor – 10×19

Fred Rodger – Perpetua – Acrylic & Wood – 27×17

Jackie Madsen – 4X with Fish – Oil on Canvas – 36×24

138 North Prince Street 717.299.4400


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