Plan Your Seasonal Picnic Or Party With Kitchen Kettle Village

Kitchen Kettle Village has everything you need for your next celebration.

The summer and fall seasons are perfect for picnics, special events, and celebrations. From food to decor, creating a memorable atmosphere for your events to flourish is important—and Kitchen Kettle Village is your one-stop-shop for all things to make your party a success.

Boasting more than 40 shops—many featuring local homemade goods, art, food, pottery, and home decor—Kitchen Kettle Village is a unique shopping experience with plenty to explore.

“Where else can you find a collection of shops, restaurants, and lodging in such a beautiful Village setting? Plus we are fun! We celebrate the simple pleasures of Lancaster County every day and share them through our food, products that we sell, and through our special events and festivals,” said Lisa Horn, Director of Fun at Kitchen Kettle Village.

Kitchen Kettle Village began in 1954 as a jelly making business by Bob and Pat Burnley. They started working out of their garage while trying to sustain the business. Before long, the business vision expanded with a brick-and-mortar shop where the Village is now. Then, with more and more people interested, the community continued to grow, add shops, and turn into the shopping destination it is today.

“We have the best that Lancaster County has to offer, delicious food items (our jams, relishes, and salsas can be used on their own or as an ingredient in a variety of recipes), locally made items, as well as some of the brand names that you love,” added Lisa. “We also have plenty of good cooks and knowledgeable employees to help you with your food and recipe questions.”

With the many shops and offerings at Kitchen Kettle Village, it’s no wonder many people view it as a place for all their party needs. We’ve put together a guide below on where to find the food, decor, and style at Kitchen Kettle Village needed to throw a successful party, event, or celebration. Enjoy!

Food & Flavor

Add homemade treats, delicious meats & cheeses, fudge & candy, and more, to your party or picnic spread. Here are a few spots to satisfy your sweet and savory needs. 

The Jam & Relish Kitchen

Bakers and makers from the local community create incredible sweets like jelly, jam, butter, freshly baked goods, relish, salsa, and more, right before your eyes at The Jam & Relish Kitchen. Stop in to sample many of the items—one of the best parts. Whether you need something small for an intimate picnic, or something to feature in a spread for a big bash, this kitchen that has it all.

The Olive Basin

Explore more than 40 varieties of premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars ranging from sweet to savory at The Olive Basin. Learn about the health benefits of using premium olive oils, and discover many recipes that go along with these bottled items. You can sample all of the different options so you know exactly which flavor will be just the right fit for you and your foodie spread.

Pepper Lane Fudge & Sweets

Fudge, anyone? Pepper Lane Fudge & Sweets uses the finest natural ingredients to create mouthwatering, creamy fudge treats with flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, cookies and cream, hazelnut, and many more. You can watch as the fudge is handmade in the kitchen on marble slabs by the dedicated team. Also, browse other treats like chocolate covered marshmallows, hand dipped chocolate covered pretzel rods, clear candy toys, and chocolate dipped Oreo cookies. It’s a shop primed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Aged and Cured

No platter is complete without meat and cheese. Aged and Cured has more than 50 kinds of cheeses—like sharp cheddar, steakhouse onion, creamy Swiss, Amish butter cheese, and more. The shop also has beef jerky, sweet Lebanon bologna, various sausages, bacon, kielbasa, and beef sticks. Stop in to sample the meats and cheeses and explore the newly redesigned shop.

Waltz Vineyards

A picnic or party needs food, but also needs one more very important thing: wine. Waltz Vineyards was established on a hill between Lancaster and Lebanon in 1997, and has been producing world-class wine ever since. At Kitchen Kettle Village, visitors can sample and sip the large variety of wines and browse a fantastic selection of bottles to take home.

Set The Scene

The atmosphere of your event is important. Kitchen Kettle Village has a variety of home decor shops that’ll help set the scene of your next celebration.

Ten Thousand Villages

What’s better than finding the perfect decor for your party? Having the proceeds of that purchase go back to artisans all around the world to help alleviate poverty and create sustainable success. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade retailer focused on long term partnerships with makers in third world countries to help them build better lives. At the shop, discover many handcrafted products ranging from cutting boards, platters, and cheese cutters, to tea pots, tableware, and artistic centerpieces. Don’t miss adding global style and ethical meaning to your celebration.

Perfect Pots

Discover incredible high-quality gardening supplies, stunning custom containers, unique plants, and everything else you may need to make your garden thrive. Perfect Pots is your local expert on everything plants—ranging from how to cultivate your garden, to how to effectively showcase it. Perfect Pots even offers to come to your home or business to curate a garden for you—just in time for your next event.

Garnett Pottery

If you want beautiful pottery, look no further than Garnett Pottery. Phil Garnett crafts each piece to perfection. Whether it’s a mug, a wine glass, a honey jar, a platter, a bowl, or a plate, each is handmade with meticulous craftsmanship. A goal for Phil, and his wife Steph who runs the shop, is to keep the pottery affordable and accessible. Find something unique for your home and support local.

The Country Life

The Country Life at Kitchen Kettle Village has all you need for tabletop and decor—with a unique rustic, country twist. Explore handmade candles, pillows, baskets, centerpieces, mugs, and other beautiful accents that bring a certain warmth to your home. Don’t miss the locally made furniture in their showroom. There are unique treasures around every turn in the shop so make sure to discover all The Country Life has to offer.

Village Quilts

This 2,800 square foot quilting shop and experience is known for the beautiful contemporary and traditional quilts—handmade by local makers in the community. But the shop also has some fantastic other items perfect for a party or picnic, like the new eco-friendly Z-Wraps that replace disposable food holders. Or check out the the sustainable sheets that are basically reusable paper towels that have adorable designs like strawberries, campers, or abstract art. Stop by for these options, and also browse the amazing quilts in the process.

By Candle Light

It’s time to set the mood. Discover a beautiful selection of candles, fragrance lamps, accessories, glow bowls, and more at By Candle Light. The candles and accessories are from regional locations and places all over the world including Barrick Candles, Alexandria Lamps, White Caterpillar Stackable Candles, Candle Warmers Oil Diffusers, and more.

Add Some Style

Add some seasonal style to your celebration or party with these great shops full of accessories and fashion at Kitchen Kettle Village. 

Cloverfields Bags & Accessories

Since 1997, Diane has been creating her line of handbags, totes, luggage, and accessories that are bursting with vibrant color while being durable and sturdy. Diane personally designs all of the beautiful patterns for each piece, and then a community of local makers cut and stitch each bag together. Whether you are staying in or going out, add these colorful accessories to your party.

The Jewelry Box

Discover The Jewelry Box—a one-stop-shop for local handmade jewelry as well as brands like Pandora and Alex and Ani. Explore bracelets, charms, necklaces, rings, and more, to add some bling to your bash. The staff will help you select the perfect piece to enhance your style!

Deerskin Leather

Deerskin Leather features strong, authentic leather clothes and accessories. Discover leather and suede jackets from Schott Brothers & Scully, briefcases from Damn Dog, and hats from Tilley and Henschel along with handbags from Osgoode Marley and Victoria Leather. There is also an assortment of belts and accessories made by people right in the local community.

Paw Prints

Don’t forget your furry friends! Paw Prints has gifts, decor, and style to make your pup or cat ready for the celebration. Explore breed specific product lines featuring more than 100 various breeds. Products include hand towels, magnets, pens, feeders, tees, toys, treats, collars, and custom-engraved ID tags perfect for your fuzzy buddies.

Girls Day Out

Find fun clothing and accessories by favorite brands like Vera Bradley, Mona B, Coco + Carmen handbags, CC Resort, FitFlop, Soft Works Montreal, Clara Sun Woo, Honey Me, and more. Discover the color and character of this kaleidoscopic array of great accessories.

You ready to plan and party?

Browse even more shops on the Kitchen Kettle Village website to experience the full shopping destination. If you want to make it a day trip, or even a weekend experience, check out the lodging and restaurant opportunities too.

We love getting some ice cream from Lapp Valley Farm’s Ice Cream and popcorn from Pappy’s Kettle Korn before going on our shopping adventure.

Make sure to follow Kitchen Kettle Village on social media (Facebook, Instagram) for special events, celebrations, and deals you won’t want to miss.

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