Sisters by Birth, Business Partners by Choice

Family-owned and operated, Mulberry Salon & Spa brings a heartwarming twist to the beauty industry.

With its modern-chic design fused with warm and inviting spaces, Mulberry Salon & Spa will quickly become one of your favorite destinations Downtown.

Owned by Liz and Victoria, this business isn’t just local, but family-owned and operated by Lancaster natives themselves. Sisters by birth, best friends and business partners by choice, Liz and Victoria took on the adventure of starting the salon together on Mulberry Street in 2012 before moving to a new location on Chestnut Street and expanding in 2018. The two grew up hearing stories of how much their mom loved her own hairdressing job, so when the opportunity presented itself to open the business, they leaned in full force. 

Both women had individual experience at a few salons, but after working at the same few salons, they realized how much they enjoyed their professional partnership. From that point, it was just making their dream a reality.

Liz and Victoria credit both of their parents for bringing Mulberry Salon & Spa to life. Their mom instilled a passion for hairdressing and working with people, while their dad, who is a small business owner and contractor, played a large role in helping to plan and build-out the space.

What makes these two sisters such good partners? They complement each other. Each has their own personality strengths that allow the other’s to shine and their business to thrive each and every day.  

With their bright smiles and high-energy, Liz and Victoria have made the Mulberry Salon & Spa a truly wonderful experience. Their dream is to create a family-oriented, relaxing, and welcoming environment. Time and time again, clients share just how much they love going to these sisters because not only do they do amazing work, but they are incredible listeners. Liz and Victoria shared that their goal is to make each client feel loved and heard, just like family. A trip to Mulberry Salon and you’re guaranteed to meet team members who are super friendly, super passionate, and very well-trained. 

As small business owners and women entrepreneurs, Liz and Victoria have their fair share of advice for rising entrepreneurs. They shared that the best way to conquer a project, for example starting a business, is to do your research. Listen to other’s advice, but don’t solely rely on it. Read about the industry or task you’re completing and figure out how you can excel in your own unique way. These sisters not only poured themselves into their work but also let themselves be inspired by those around them. It was not just their desire to learn that helped them achieve their goals, but their clients who inspired them to take every next big step.

It warms our hearts to see two sisters and business owners thriving Downtown. Swing by their Lancaster City location and treat yourself to their expertise, quality conversation, and just a generally enjoyable time. 

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