Sounds and Dishes from Africa (An Evening with Bridge Possible)

I attended the Sounds and Dishes from Africa, the latest event hosted by Bridge Possible at Upohar.

Sounds and Dishes from Africa, the latest event hosted by Bridge Possible at Upohar, was a musical and culinary fusion designed to give its guests an authentic sampling of African culture, all the while affording them an opportunity to be regaled with coming-to-America stories. It also allowed people from different backgrounds and circumstances to forge new friendships over two of humanity’s oldest bonding devices: food and music.

For some, an event like this served as a reminder of past trips abroad and an opportunity to reconnect. For others, such as myself, it was a two-fold rookie experience: (1) it was my first Bridge Possible, and (2) it was also my first dining experience at the locally-renowned Upohar. It was a definite win-win.

The menu was also an exercise in cultural enlightenment as it featured popular vegan and gluten‑free African dishes, some of which are highlighted below.




Bhajia (batter fried potatoes)

Matoke (plantain stew)


Peanut stew

Djollof rice

Congolese kale

Oven roasted yams (without bell peppers)

An Angolan musician singing in both English and Portuguese. 

Back in December, Fig Lancaster posted a profile on Bridge Possible founder Mustafa Nuur, which is a worthwhile read in general, but also doubles as a primer for readers looking to book their own Bridge Possible experience.

Very much like the World Night Market I attended last spring, this event delivered on its promise to bridge the gap between former refugees and Lancaster natives, to educate through open discourse, and ultimately, to make people accessible to one another. It was about promoting friendship, not alienation—a necessity for breaking down today’s social barriers.

Bridge Possible founder, Mustafa Nuur (right), engaging guests in a Q&A session. 

Envisioned as a monthly pop-up featuring unique buffet style menu items from different parts of the world, Bridge Possible has become immensely popular in a short span of time. As I have come to find out, tickets quickly sell out once a listing goes live. Their next one, titled Syria – A Night of Sharing, is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, March 28th at Upohar (tickets can be purchased here) For additional information, you can also follow Bridge Possible on Facebook.

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