2019 Refresh: Evolution Power Yoga’s 40 Day Program

Sign up for this empowering program with Evolution Power Yoga.

Photos by Jenny Foster, Premise Studio

We are so ready for a 2019 refresh!

At Evolution Power Yoga, wellness and empowerment is at the forefront of their mission and we can’t wait to sign up for their 40 Days Program—starts this Thursday!

Want to join? Here are all the details you need to know before you enroll!

What Is The 40 Days Program?

“The 40 Days to Personal Revolution is a program designed by Baron Baptiste, internationally recognized teacher, leader, and author,” said Kait Linton, Assistant Manager at Evolution Power Yoga. “The program works because it gives participants tools to facilitate their own growth and development through daily practices of yoga, meditation, nutrition, and self-inquiry.”

Kait helps facilitate the sessions and encourages the community to attend and experience all the program has to offer.

“The workshops Evolution studios are offering now meet as a large group each week for six weeks,” added Kait. “The 90-minute weekly meetings include a yoga pose workshop, meditation, and group discussion about weekly themes.”

Here’s what you can expect during the variety of programming:

  • A daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Exploration and discussion of the 12 Laws + a weekly theme
  • Accountability and encouragement from program participants and leaders
  • A weekly 1.5-hour group meeting
    • Guided meditation
    • Large group discussion and small group shares and inquiry work
    • Journey into Power: Pose & integration workshopping
  • Principles to bring balance and mindfulness into your life.
  • Tools and techniques to identify where you are feeling disempowered, set intentions, and do the work to reach your goals
  • Instruction to begin and deepen your meditation practice
  • Excavation questions to encourage curiosity, self-reflection, and exploration

The program is open to all levels of experience.

“The program is suitable to anyone who is or wants to get curious about their own state of being,” said Kait. “You don’t have to have any previous experience with yoga or meditation to join in, just a commitment to be open to learning and trying. On the flip side, if you have experience with yoga or meditation the program is great because you can deepen your practice.”

It’s an important program that cultivates a sense of wellness not found in many other activities.

“The space this program provides for individual growth and being is unlike any other program in which I’ve participated,” said Kait. Seeing other folks’ resilience, persistence, and willingness to persevere is really powerful. Feeling it inside of yourself is an amazing experience. Some of the most inspirational moments happen when hearing each other’s stories, sharing triumphs and struggles, and realizing that we all have choices about way more than we usually allow ourselves to believe.”

"Some of the most inspirational moments happen when hearing each other’s stories, sharing triumphs and struggles, and realizing that we all have choices about way more than we usually allow ourselves to believe."

Feel Fresh: The Power Of Yoga

Yoga is more than just exercise—it is a practice in self-expression and empowerment.

“Yoga is a practice. It looks different each and every time you choose to step onto the mat and do it,” said Kait. “There is no right or wrong; just being, breath and movement. Learning about your own alignment in your body is important because everybody’s body is different.”

The process is a mix of self discovery and empowerment with each breath.

“Dropping expectations and noticing what truth is actually in front of us creates space for endless possibility,” said Kait. “And that’s a pretty empowering feeling.”

In 2019 many people are beginning a journey of wellness, and Kait and the team at Evolution Power Yoga want to elevate and cultivate those aspirations.

“A healthy lifestyle enables us to be our most whole selves, creating freedom to make choices that we may not be able to make if we aren’t well,” said Kait. “Tending to ourselves and each other in a whole-person kind of way is what wellness truly is. That’s another thing that makes this program so effective—it utilizes a whole person approach.”

Even if you have taken the program before, you can definitely take it again.

“You can continue to retake this program multiple times,” said Stefanie Kosakoski, Brand Manager of Evolution Power Yoga. “This is because we as humans are in constant growth and evolution, and can shift our focus to a new area or intention in ourselves and our lives each time we take the program. The program is also influenced by the participants; you show up for yourself as well as for others, each bringing your own experience and insight to the program and group discussions. Every program brings a new mix of individuals and a new opportunity for conversation.”

Sign Up + Join The Program

It’s time to breathe, connect, and focus!

“The 40 Days program is an opportunity to set intentions and then give yourself the space and awareness to see the impact your intention setting is making,” added Kait. “You have the freedom to modify, increase, decrease, or omit, whatever you wish. It’s about you as an individual, putting down all of your current perceptions and deciding what is right and true for you right now, in this moment.”

To sign up the 40 Days Program contact the team at Evolution Power Yoga at 717-391-1060, visit the enrollment website, or email info@evolutionpoweryoga.comFeel free to explore their website for all the other opportunities as well.

“Being a member of a team of folks who have clear intentions of leading people into their personal power has been one of the greatest professional experiences of my life,” said Kait. “These people at Evolution Power Yoga see each other’s gifts and talents, support one another’s goals, and are invested in the growth of everyone who shows up to put in the work.”

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