A Vibrant, Dazzling Love Letter To Broadway: Fulton’s 42nd Street

Don't miss the tap sensation dancing through the holiday season.

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Experience all the glitz, glam, and shimmering stars of a show representing all the shining beauty of Broadway.

From the opening number to the astounding finale spectacle, The Fulton’s 42nd Street sparkles with dazzling charm and jaw dropping dancing perfect for the big stage.

The show, running from now to December 30, boasts an array of talent used to bringing epic musicals to life on the stage. With classic tunes and memorable Broadway favorites like the Lullaby Of Broadway, We’re In The Money, And Forty-Second Street, this is a musical event you can’t miss.

The show was directed and choreographed by Marc Robin. For a full list of all the incredible directors, producers, designers, and more, check out the website.

Explore our below review and then get tickets to a classic experience that will energize your spirits and have you dancing all season long!

LEFT: Denise Whelan as Dorothy Brock. RIGHT: Sarah Quinn Taylor as Peggy Sawyer. Photos by Kinectiv.

The story begins with Peggy Sawyer (played by Sarah Quinn Taylor) arriving to pursue her dreams of becoming a musical superstar. She leaves small town Allentown, PA for the bright lights of the big city. An immediate and lucky discovery lands Peggy a chorus part in a Broadway-bound show—but some jealous others and challenges stand in her way. Can she be the superstar she always dreamed of becoming?

Taylor portrays the wide-eyed charm of young dreamer Peggy Sawyer with ease and innocence, inviting the audience along her journey to the big stage and bright lights. She runs into Billy Lawlor (played by Nicolas Dromard) who is one of the stars of an up-and-coming show produced by Julian Marsh (played by Tom Galantich), a previous show director trying to gain relevance and success once again. Billy tries desperately to woo newly arrived Peggy with little success, but the two offer a fun chemistry and banter that continues throughout the show.

Galantich portrays Julian well as the hard-edge director made tough from years in the challenging show business, while also teasing glimpses of a personal dreamer hidden behind his serious persona.

One of the most entertaining characters to watch is Dorothy Brock (played by Denise Whelan). Dorothy is excessively obsessed with herself, and Whelan plays her beautifully by blending a hilarious pompous attitude with a persona completely self-absorbed, leaving the audience laughing as she navigates her longing to be a star—the only star. Her pompous personality hints at an inner vulnerability, and she shares a particularly beautiful song with Peggie when she begins to let guard down.

Photo by Kinectiv.

From the opening montage of dance vignettes during Shadow Waltz to the dazzling epic finale of Forty-Second Street, it’s clear the cast is a rockstar group of talent!

Taylor impresses as Peggie in her songs, and has awe-inspiring dancing ability. The same can be said for the rest of the cast. Whelan breaks through in You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me, and Dromard leans into his charm with Dames surrounded by an ensemble dripping in jewels.

And, of course, a big moment is Galantich’s Lullaby Of Broadway which leaves nobody disappointed!

One of the more surprising, and hilarious, characters is Maggie Jones (played by Charis Leos). The comedic timing Leos brings to her character, and the quippy snark in her commentary, brings the audience to laughter many times throughout the course of the show.

You can’t have a show boasting a Broadway feel without the dancing—and with this show, it is remarkable each dance number is focused and intentional, consistently showcasing a plethora of energy and excitement to each step!

The golden-clad performers during We’re In The Money were an incredible synchronized tap-dancing team as the pit orchestra trumpeted a certain musical swagger that matched each click and clack of the dancers. All the musical numbers blended seamlessly with the scenes to create a true joyride through the story.

Photo by Kinectiv.

The set reflected the glitz and sheen of old-Broadway glamor (literally) with suspended mirrors and rotating set pieces covering the stage at moments. Each scene and setting was as vibrant as the next, and the colors popped off the stage.

The costumes were all meticulously crafted to be a kaleidoscope of bold colors and patterns. Plus, the costume changes were quick and impressive—all while the cast never skipped a beat!

Photos by Kinectiv.

The Fulton’s 42nd Street is a cheerful, vibrant ride through fantastic dance numbers and shining songs, all while pulling the audience into the world full of shining lights, rich color, and a cast of dreamers.

Big stage, big voices, and big dance numbers make 42nd Street at The Fulton a holiday event you can’t miss. Get your tickets and be transported to a lighthearted song and dance spectacle fit for Broadway!

Explore thefulton.org to find out more and browse ticket options.

You’ll be dancing your way down Prince Street!

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