Are you ready for the Lancaster International Short Film Festival?

The Lancaster International Short Film Festival is coming soon.

Cover photo from left to right: Born Bone Boon, La Sirena, and Framed

The Lancaster International Short Film Festival is almost here.

“This is a casual, engaging film festival,” said Michael Hoober, director of the festival. “As we have seen the art movement growing in Lancaster city, we have made the film festival an extension of that movement.”

The event, happening November 9-11, 2017, is more than just showing a few films—it’s a full-blown international film experience with high-quality submissions.

“We are putting together an amazing collection of international and local shorts,” said Michael. “There will be films from Iran, UK, Austria, Japan, Australia, our local community, and more. It will be a snapshot of life in a variety of cultures.”

Over the last few years the Lancaster International Short Film Festival has grown to showcase an eclectic mix of quality films representing all genres.

The festival happens in three phases: the call for submissions during the early spring, the selection period over the summer, and then the festival event. It’s a continual process of reviewing, selecting, and planning to ensure each festival is a success.

“Short films are an art form to themselves,” Michael added. “There will be over 48 screened during the three day fest.”

Awards are given out at the big event on Saturday at 8:15pm including Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Animation, Best Horror, Best Actor, and Best Home-Grown (an award given to a film created in Lancaster).

Michael teased that this year’s installment may be one of the best ones yet.

“We love to see the people who are on this journey with us. And this year, the award-winning films will blow your mind.”

Lite Site by Simin Farrokh Ahmadi (submitted for the Animation category)

LEFT: Scattered by Ellie Harvey and Audrey Martin. RIGHT: The Underdog by Tyler Bonner (both films submitted in the Comedy category).

Mark your calendars:

When: November 9-11. Thursday night, November 9, there will be two screenings starting at 7:15pm and 9:15pm. These will be held at the Candy Factory. On Friday, November 10, there will be a 7:15pm screening and then a special 9:15pm horror screening (more info below) at the Elk’s Lodge. Saturday, November 11, will have breakfast and bowling at the Elk’s Lodge at 11am with screenings of films at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Then, that night at 8:15pm the award-winning films will be screened.

Prices: Thursday screenings (7:15pm, 9:15pm), Friday screening (7:15pm), and Saturday screenings (1pm, 3pm, and 5pm) are $12 each. The special horror screening on Friday at 9:15pm, and the award-winning film screening on Saturday, are each $15. There are special day passes and VIP passes for the event too. Thursday day pass is $20, VIP day pass is $55. Friday day pass is $20, VIP day pass is $65. Saturday day pass is $35, VIP day pass is $80. The day passes allow attendee access to all showings that day. The VIP day passes allow attendee access to all showings and also to special lounges, events, and gifts. If you want the full 3-day experience, the full event pass is $70 while the full VIP event pass is $125. Find out all info and get tickets here. *Both full event passes (regular and VIP) are only offered until November 4 so order soon!*

Find out more information on the event Facebook page and the website.

Latched by Justin Harding and Rob Brunner (submitted in the Horror category).

LEFT: I Want Candy by Patrick Sebes. RIGHT: 3:08 by Arash Hadavi (both films submitted in the Horror category).

Special Horror Film Night:

Don’t miss the special one-night-only horror night during the festival.

On Friday, November 10, at 9:15pm, Mike Lombardo will be hosting the horror short film showcase at Elk’s Lodge. Local band the Electives will be playing before the shorts begin. Then after the short films, Mike will be debuting his feature-length I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday—the Lancaster premiere of his new horror film. View the trailer here.

This event is $15 and ready to scare, spook, and entertain with an incredible array of horror short films.

LEFT: Sumertide by Amin Shaikh (submitted in the Drama category). RIGHT: The Toothmans by Hansen Bursic (submitted in the Documentary category).

Sneak Peek Film Trailers:

Over 160 short films were submitted to this festival. Out of that batch, 48 will be screened. Below are trailers of some notable submissions to help you prepare for the epic fest.

Whoever Was Using This Bed – by Andrew Kotatko

A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires. Based on a story by Raymond Carver, WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED is a provocative short film starring Jean-Marc Barr, Radha Mitchell and Jane Birkin.

Le Monde du Petit Monde (A Whole World For a Little Word) – by Fabrice Bracq

A woman tells a great story to her baby about princes and princesses and passes memories to his daughter.

Chasing Titles Vol. 1 – by Ryan Egypt 

Joe can’t get it together to provide for his family. Desperate for money, he runs a side hustle while working for an express mail company. His 12-year-old son, Caleb is fed up with the living standards in his dysfunctional family. When Joe loses his job and screws up his side hustle, he falls into deep depression, turns to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol which then calls for desperate measures. Caleb is then put on the forefront of the most important decision in his life.

Imaginary Friends – by Jason C. Brown

Jennifer is an impetuous young woman with a laundry list of petty problems in her life. Her issues are pretty ordinary. She dislikes her job, her relationship is on the rocks, oh, and she has an imaginary friend whom she has absolutely nothing in common with. The film follows the unusual life of Toogie, an imaginary friend assigned to Jennifer, as he struggles to deal with his imaginary friendship with Jennifer and his real friendship with other imaginary friends. This unlikely pair seeks help from Jennifer’s therapist, Dr. Skochine who, while well intentioned, is ill-equipped to deal with this type of couple.

For more info check out the event Facebook page and go to the website to browse the full list of short films, buy tickets, and explore what this event has to offer.

Don’t miss the Lancaster International Short Film Festival showcasing local and international short films right here in Lancaster City.

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