Authentic: Ed Drogaris

Meet Ed Drogaris, Fig Spring 2018 Authentic

Developer Ed Drogaris is a Lancaster enthusiast and firm believer that “we should appreciate what’s here and nurture it.” Moving here from Florida after college in the early 70’s, he was instantly drawn to the character and history of Lancaster City. The Maker mindset of the “City Authentic” resonated with Drogaris’ love for architecture and drive to create. He knew he wanted to be a part of preserving and enhancing the city and soon put his real estate knowledge into action. “The buildings here that are part of the fabric of this city have such character, the idea of tearing them down and building something new is a crime to me. It gave me an opportunity to be creative and keep my hand in building, design, and architecture.”

Leading the way through innovation and example, Ed Drogaris made it his life’s work to creatively repurpose the buildings that have structural credibility and character, into unique living and working spaces that meet the needs of the artists, creators, makers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers that add to the fiber of our community. “The city is a great example of a place where many can come together to live, work, and expand their horizons. The idea that you can walk to everything, the diversity and the people and the excitement of first Friday, the various cultural festivals, the fireworks, all make Lancaster a place I’m proud to share.” Drogaris gives a great deal of credit for his success to his wife, talented staff, and Lancaster based team of professionals, many of whom have worked with him from the beginning of The Drogaris Companies.

The company has been involved in the development of more than 700 acres and 1 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate including the Press Building and Liberty Place. He says he’s humbled and blessed to be a part of preserving what makes this city great: a combination of industry, agriculture and tourism, people with strong work ethic, a strong faith community, a welcoming community to outsiders, newcomers, refugees and dreamers, and the chance to have an idealistic view of how you’d like something to be, and then get
to see it through and share it with your neighbors.

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