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I:Train has a fresh new look and brand new services for 2020! Check it out.

Passionate and dedicated are just a few of the words we’d use to describe the team over at I:Train Studios. With a drive to motivate personal growth and a love for fitness, Wayne Mutata founded I:Train to be a center where each and every member can feel comfortable and at home, but also challenged to continue to better themselves. As their motto states, the goal is to always “Feel Better. Move Better. Be Better.” 

What does this mean on a practical level? We had the opportunity to chat with founder and owner, Wayne Mutata, as he shared a little more about what makes I:Train the king of the fitness jungle.

In order to practice what they preach, I:Train is constantly striving to improve their own offerings. By actively renewing their certifications on a quarterly basis, Wayne and his team provide their clients with the most up-to-date fitness industry knowledge and trends. The facilities are also constantly improving, with equipment being upgraded regularly. By partnering with leading fitness equipment brands like Rouge and TRX, you’re sure to find the finest training tools available at I:Train.

Starting in 2020, I:Train is offering a new Corporate Health and Wellness Program. This offers business CEOs and business owners an opportunity to improve their employee’s health while reducing health care costs. It is the only certified Corporate Health and Wellness facility in Lancaster, PA. In order to accomplish this, Wayne dedicated 4 years to studying the industry and obtaining a degree that certified him to own and operate the center. The workout plans are developed so that individuals of all fitness levels can participate and be a part of the team. 

Currently, this Corporate Health and Wellness program is only available at 101NQ, but Wayne is open to extending it to their other location on James Street.

This idea of a bold impact can be seen not just in their fitness training but also in I:Train’s community involvement. They care very deeply about the Lancaster community and love to get involved! Once a month they host a FREE fitness event and then collect donations for local charities. Last year they raised $18,000. This year, their goal is $25,000!

This past year, Fig Industries had the incredible opportunity to take all that I:Train stands for and depict it in a fresh new brand. They needed a strong mark that would be able to be used across all locations and platforms and would clearly define their overall vision and goals. Pulling in Wayne’s heritage, history, and the core idea that “everyone is either a Lion or Lioness in the Den,” we believed a graphic mark of an illustrated lion head would serve all segments of the business well. The illustration is welcoming but strong, approachable but bold, and the overall feeling is one of confidence when you step foot in I:Train Studios.

Wayne is passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals. He shared some valuable advice with us specifically aimed at following through on your fitness goals and aspirations. He suggests focusing on upgrading your current self as opposed to getting caught up on the idea of a new you. Set up reasonable, attainable goals that either you or someone else can hold you accountable to. Write them down, and then get to it. 

The I:Train facilities at 101NQ will be hosting a soft opening event in March, so stay tuned for details. This event will be open to the public and will be in partnership with Beast Mode Inc. and Boot Camp 900. For more information about this event or I:Train’s services visit!

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