Lancaster Love Stories: Noah & Alyssa

Brent L Miller- Lancaster Love Stories: What started as a connection through mutual friends morphed into a loving relationship built to last a lifetime. Noah and Alyssa met atop the Lancaster City skyline and their relationship has only elevated since that fateful night.

How They Met

Alyssa, originally from Lebanon, PA, moved to Lancaster in 2010 and Noah was born in Worcester, MA but grew up in Lancaster. On a chilly January night in 2017, CWS was having their annual Concert for Refugees at Tellus 360 in Lancaster City. Alyssa, who worked in the refugee resettlement program at the time, was helping out at the event. Part way through the night, she ran into an old college friend, who happened to be there with Noah. As they were chatting, the mutual friend introduced them. Alyssa was immediately intrigued, and Noah was already madly in love, of course. 

Their Engagement

Having formerly played lacrosse with Brent L. Miller owner Ryan Miller, Noah knew exactly where he would go for Alyssa’s engagement ring. This choice was assured by the outstanding team at Brent L. Miller’s beautiful showroom as they walked Noah through the process of choosing the perfect ring that would be used in one of the most important moments of Noah and Alyssa’s lives. Having an elegant design of an emerald cut diamond was the perfect choice for a timeless and versatile piece. Now, all Noah needed to do was pop the question.

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They were in Montego Bay, Jamaica celebrating their second anniversary. Alyssa had her suspicions that a proposal was coming, but Noah threw her off a bit by waiting until the 11th hour on the actual date of their anniversary, February 15th. However, a huge wrench was thrown into Noah’s plan when the seaside restaurant he planned to take them to was closed for a private party, but he wouldn’t give up.

Three hours in, a mile of walking, a snickers bar, and a gigantic frozen margarita later, success! Noah had found a wonderful place called Sugar Mill Restaurant. After a lovely meal, Noah brought out Alyssa’s “anniversary present,” the ring. There were a few moments of Noah holding out the ring wordlessly. After gently reminding him that he needed to actually ask the question, Alyssa joyfully accepted, and was beaming for the rest of the trip.

Their Perfect Date Night

Since living in Lancaster for most of their lives, both Noah and Alyssa remain well in the loop on when and where to try the hottest new thing in the city. For Noah, a perfect date night includes anything with an IPA and buffalo chicken. Alyssa likes the casual stuff as well, but her ideal date night would start with cocktails at the Horse Inn or Conway Social Club, dinner at Citronelle, and wind down with a night cap and arcade games at Decades. They both love to share the different tastes and experiences of Lancaster together.

Having to reschedule from their original wedding date due to COVID-19, Noah and Alyssa are very excited for their wedding on June 25th, 2021. Their beautiful ceremony at Noah’s family property near Millersville will be held in a breathtaking and spacious garden, complete with blooming flowers, a pond, and a built-in dance floor.

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