BSSF Local Brew Tour: Spring House Brewing Company

The latest stop of the BSSF brew tour  takes us to 209 Hazel Street, home of Spring House Brewing Company, which opened in 2015.

The latest stop of the BSSF brew tour  takes us to 209 Hazel Street, home of Spring House Brewing Company, which opened in 2015.

Spring House Brewing Company’s owner,  Matt Keasey, was an accomplished  homebrewer and barbecue enthusiast with a background in pharmaceutical chemistry, having earned accolades for his chocolate stout, smoked porter, and pilsner entries.

“After winning home-brewing awards, numerous friends suggested that I should start a brewery,” says Matt. “After we moved into our home in Conestoga, I decided that the vacant barn on our property would be the perfect location for a small brewery.”

To Matt’s credit, Spring House Brewing Company, already known for its chocolate peanut butter stout and pumpkin ale, was instrumental in introducing new styles of craft beer to the region. In 2011, that level of recognition resulted in the grand opening of The Taproom on 25 West King Street, which helped lay down the foundation for its Hazel Street location’s debut four years later.

Since March, Spring House Brewing Company has been focusing on the expansion of its brand: collaborating with artists, supporting social initiatives, making in-house renovations, forging distribution partnerships throughout the mid-Atlantic, and, of course, brainstorming new beers.

“We have many goals,” says Scott Richardson, Director of Operations and Market Development. “But our top three are: (1) to make good beer, (2) love up our community, and (3) have fun. Beer and having a good time is how this all began. The beer industry has become more competitive over time and we welcome that change as long as we don’t take it too seriously. We love the creative energy that is going into beer and we hope to offer some of that inspiration to the world too.”

Writer’s Note: Conestoga, PA, is a small town in rural Lancaster County that history buffs cite as the birthplace of the Conestoga Wagon, cigar aficionados acknowledge for helping coin the term “stogie,” and local craft beer fans recall as that place just they used to trek to for a taste of Spring House brews (and the occasional pig roast). Today, the Spring House Brewing Co. headquarters is located in the southwest corner of historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania—where early German settlers have brewed beer since the late 1800’s.

This feature is sponsored by Brown Schultz Sheridan and Fritz. Committed to their profession and to their community, BSSF is proud to support Lancaster County breweries, small and large,  who are shaping the impact that the craft beverage industry has on the future of this county. BSSF is your premier advisory firm for accounting, assurance, tax, and consulting services. BSSF.COM

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