CHANGEMAKER: Kandi Shultz & Rebekah Salada, Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio

Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio offers opportunities to engage, learn, communicate, and use artistic talent.

Q: Explain a little about the importance of self-expression and personal value, and how the Artists at Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio are offered these opportunities.

A: The Artists are offered self-expression by having a place to engage, learn, communicate, and utilize their artistic talent. Each person is valued and directs their creativity by choosing mediums, subject matter, and painting style.

Q: Why is creative expression so vital?

A: Creative expression helps to instill confidence, a sense of purpose, and is an avenue to connect with others in order to gain a sense of personal value. Even non-verbal artists can communicate through artistic expression. One non-verbal Artist began to communicate verbally after years of being involved at the art studio. Another Artist will now engage socially who had not done so previously and will even attend events at times. These are huge growth steps in the lives of these Artists.

To volunteer or donate to the Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio mission, call at 717.945.6404.

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