Cultivating Health and Wellness: I:Train at 101NQ

Say hello to I:Train’s new vision for their corporate health and wellness center

Say hello to I:Train’s new vision for their corporate health, wellness center, and headquarters inside of the fresh 101NQ building. In terms of being innovative, I:Train has always been ahead of the curve. I:Train’s newest facility is geared specifically to companies that qualify for their programs, their executives, and their employees who work in the Downtown Lancaster area. I:Train is the only certified corporate health and wellness center in the area. With state of the art equipment and training that is personalized to fit into a busy worker’s schedule, I:Train will be the place to be this season. 

"I:Train is more than just workouts or a health and wellness program, it’s a life-coaching philosophy and an overall well-rounded program."

 Wayne Mutata 

“This is fitness with a tie-on,” says Wayne Mutata owner of I:Train. These are qualified business professionals that want to make more of an impact when it comes to the health and wellness of their teams. Wayne will be working alongside these leaders to create personalized health plans for them and their team members.

Wayne continues to believe that training at I:Train is not just about physical health, but going through the I:Train program provides countless other benefits. Companies that work with a personalized trainer can enjoy lower insurance rates for their employees, less sick days and increased productivity. For the employees, Wayne has discovered that those who stick to a consistent workout schedule generally show better signs of mental health, as well as physical health. I:Train plans to kick productivity into overdrive with the help of the new facility’s amenities.

I:Train’s new location will be sporting fresh state of the art exercise equipment meant to optimize both your time and your body. One of the newest amenities the facility will offer is an outdoor patio allowing participants to get both indoor and outdoor workouts, which can be difficult to do in the Downtown area. The outdoor training will be available as long as the season permits. The location at 101NQ places I:Train at the center of all that Downtown Lancaster has to offer. Being so central means ease of access for the many new residents of 101NQ and any other businesses that choose to sign up for the Corporate Health and Wellness Program.

Lancaster is incredibly important to I:Train as a whole. “The community sustains us,” says Wayne. “When you talk about Lancaster there’s a vibe that says, this place is Authentic.” Wayne and his team are helping to create that feeling here right in the heart of our city. Every month Wayne and his team do a community outreach event to help give back to the people that have helped support their endeavor. “I:Train is more than just workouts or a health and wellness program, it’s a philosophy that we as a community want to feel better, move better and be better.”

I:Train is constantly changing and adapting both for updated training techniques and for the community. The move to 101NQ is part of a bigger strategy to help create a healthier community for Lancaster and it’s businesses!

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