Denim Coffee is coming to King Street this summer

Known for their flash-chilled coffee, Denim Coffee is ready to join the craft coffee scene in Lancaster with their sixth location.

Fresh Face

Long before Matthew Ramsay founded Denim Coffee, he worked at a coffee shop at his alma mater. As a barista there and an avid coffee connoisseur, he became obsessed with the variability at the coffee shops he frequented. 

“The recipe is 98.5 percent water and 1.5 percent extracted beans—that’s it. So I began to wonder how is it so good at some places and terrible at others? That question drove me mad and ultimately drove me to perfect my own,” Matthew shared. 

With the goal of “making better coffee,” Denim Coffee was founded in 2011, adding Lancaster City as its sixth location which will open in summer 2024. 

After spending significant time in Lancaster’s coffee shops, Matthew and his team look forward to joining the ranks of excellent cafes that are already established here. 

“We’re excited to join an already vibrant coffee scene in Lancaster and add just a slightly different flavor to what’s going on,” he said. 

The differentiation they bring to the table can be summed up by Denim’s signature single origins and blends, their in-house baked goods and breakfast sandwiches served all day, and most notably, their flash-chilled coffee. 

“We make it at our headquarters in Chambersburg in kegs,” Matthew said. “Out of the tap, we think it’s some of the best cold coffee we’ve ever had.” 

Above all, Denim Coffee is focused on delivering consistent, high-quality coffee to each customer every time they visit. 

“We’re focusing on the coffee, the quality—we know that’s what people want when they come to a coffee shop.”

Matthew Ramsey

Stay tuned for updates on grabbing a really great cup of coffee on King Street by connecting with them on Instagram @denimcoffeelancaster.

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