Discover the first-ever ExtraGive FamilyGive Fest

Don't miss the first-ever FamilyGive Fest during the ExtraGive.

We can’t wait for the ExtraGive (see our full feature guide to the big day here). Fundraising in Lancaster is at its best with this 24-hour donation party downtown and all throughout the county.

And now, for the first time ever, the team at the ExtraGive will be hosting the FamilyGive Fest from 4-6pm on Friday, November 17, at the Lancaster Marriott and Lancaster County Convention Center.

“We know that families already talk about things they care about when they are getting ready for the Extraordinary Give,” said Tracy Cutler, part of the FamilyGive Fest team. “This is a way to bring families together and have a tangible way to share what they care about and celebrate.”

There will be areas to learn about causes in Lancaster that impact families every day, opportunities to give feedback on what’s important to you and your family, and a time to share causes you are passionate about with others.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun for the whole family.

“We will have family photo booths, a virtual reality experience, giant coloring boards, and live music from Steven Courtney–all for free,” said Tracy. “Plus, the Griest Building is all lit up to celebrate the many great ways our community cares about each other. It’s a special kind of celebration for everyone that cares about Lancaster.”

Gather your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for this first-ever FamilyGive Fest as part of the ExtraGive.

This event is designed with preschool and elementary children in mind. For more information, explore and plan your day.

The Griest Building

This event will feature fun for the whole family

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